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Rachel Ray Weight Loss Program

The Rachel Ray weight loss program began after 2009, when the celebrity underwent surgery on her throat in an effort to remove a cyst. Since then, she started gaining weight, and needed an effective remedy for losing unwanted pounds and inches, and keeping it off. As part of her program, she started running every day, for 3 ½ miles in the morning. While she once considered the gym to be an adversary, she now looks forward to her daily exercise routine, to keep the weight off.

In addition to an effective workout routine, the Rachel Ray weight loss program also involves eating a healthy Mediterranean diet. This includes salads, vegetables and quality extra-virgin olive oil. She tends to focus specifically on eating with portion control instead of depriving herself of delicious favorite foods. In addition, Rachel understands the drinking as much water as possible every day is beneficial to her health. This is important, because drinking a half-gallon or slightly more each day, helps move out toxins stored in the body, while hydrating every cell.

Like most women, Rachel’s weight fluctuates with the years and seasons. As her schedule became more hectic, she slowly started gaining weight, and had little time for working out. Now, she incorporates a fit workout routine exercise every day, and ensures that she consumes a healthy diet.

The Basics

Rachel recognizes that women 35 years and older have a more difficult time losing weight. However, she believes it is not impossible. In her 40s, she has been able to drop down to a smaller dress size using a unique approach that avoids calorie counting.

In fact, the health regimen focused on Rachel Ray weight loss involves cardiovascular exercise. Rachel Ray runs 30 minutes the first thing every morning before hitting the gym. After that, she spends up to an hour on the elliptical trainer before performing Nautilus circuit training exercises. She performs this routine six days every week, giving herself a break every Sunday. She notes that exercising routinely helps to clear her mind.

Physically Stronger

Rachel noticed that when she started working out a lease an hour every day, she began feeling physically stronger. In addition, her close started fitting or better, and she gained more energy than she had in many years. Now, she receives many compliments on her appearance, more than ever before. This helps to motivate her to continue on, to lose more weight, and become healthier every day.

The Rachel Ray weight loss program is based on losing a substantial amount of weight, in spite of maintaining a hectic schedule, and keeping it off year after year. By changing dietary choices, and sticking to a Mediterranean diet, she has been able to enjoy foods and eat in moderation. In addition, she now feels emotionally better than ever before, and has started enjoying her exercise routines every day.

Like her, you can benefit by the Rachel Ray weight loss program in spite of your crazy and hectic lifestyle.

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