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Does L-Carnitine Weight Loss Work?

Majority of people who tried to lose weight are inevitably drawn to popular dietary programs that are advertised nationwide. They may see a few celebrities that they know, adding to the trust factor usually attributed to products that are supposed to work. What most people tend to overlook are the ingredients that are in the actual weight loss products. The results may be real, but without understanding why they work, your weight loss efforts may diminish greatly, especially if it is a product that vanishes virtually overnight, leaving you with nowhere to turn. That’s why it is always a good idea to understand why certain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are so important for your weight loss objectives. One of the best amino acids that you can take for losing weight is called l-Carnitine. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of this amino acid and how it can lead to weight loss with many people today.

What Is L-Carnitine?

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is actually synthesized within your kidneys and liver. It is actually the byproduct of the synthesis of methionine and lysine, two essential amino acids that you must ingest because your body is unable to produce them itself. You must have adequate amounts of iron, B6, and niacin in order for the creation of carnitine to occur. Once it is created, most of it is stored within the tissues of your muscles. It is an essential amino acid for many reasons, but in regard to your diet, it is capable of transporting longchain fatty acids to be metabolized, and also releasing stored body fat and triglycerides, allowing them to be converted into energy within our bloodstream.

L Carnitine Weight Loss And Your Health

If your body is not able to produce enough L-Carnitine, taking supplements can augment the problem. People that do not consume meat on a regular basis, such as vegetarians or vegans, can have very low amounts of carnitine in their system. They can also experience congestive heart failure, circulation problems, and have excessive amounts of high cholesterol. All of these negative aspects can be remedied by having enough carnitine in your system. At a very base level, this amino acid allows the body to produce energy effectively, and since it is able to convert body fat into the energy that we need, it is one of the most important dietary supplements that you can take today.

L Carnitine Weight Loss

In order to promote the production of carnitine in your system, you should make sure that you have a regular meal every day with some type of meat. You can also take L-Carnitine supplements which can help convert triglycerides into mitochondria, the key to converting your existing fat stores into energy through oxidation. Likewise, if you do any type of aerobics, this amino acid can help provide you with the energy to keep going longer, thus improving your chances of burning off extra pounds even faster. There are many other positive side effects to using carnitine including improvement of muscle mass, bone mass, improving heart conditions, kidneys, sperm count, diabetes, improving your immune system and also enhancing your overall cognitive functions.

L Carnitine weight loss diets are definitely something that you should try. If you simply use the amino acid supplementation that you can purchase from any health food store, this will help you move down the path of losing weight. And by taking whey proteins that include all of the amino acids that we need every day, you can provide the building blocks for creating carnitine within yourself, thus improving your overall chances for healthy natural weight loss.

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