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Marie Osmond Weight Loss Story

Planning Your Detox Diet Menu

Celebrities are in the limelight all the time. They get extra attention whenever they have a personal change in their lives, especially if it is a change that the public can identify with. Take the issue of weight loss, for example. When a celebrity who is overweight goes through lifestyle changes and sports a slimmer body some time later, that catches people’s attention. This happened to Marie Osmond, who was able to lose 50 pounds by using Nutrisystem. Here is the Marie Osmond weight loss story.

Everyone remembers how Marie Osmond started out. She was the talented teen from 70’s who had a variety show along with her brother, Donny. Back then, she was 5-feet 5-inches and weighed just 110 pounds. That is actually an average weight for a woman of that height. However, she was told by the show producers that she was too fat. She dieted and eventually dropped to 93 pounds because of the pressure and was even bulimic for a while. When the show ended, she went off of her diet and gained 40 pounds. She skipped breakfast, ate junk food and huge dinners. Basically, she had a very bad eating pattern.

Marital problems and other personal problems got her really depressed and she gained one pound after another. It was not until her grown son mentioned to her that he was concerned about her health that Marie Osmond realized that she must make a lifestyle change. She shunned dieting because of her bad experience in her youth. Now, she realized that must diet for her health.

The Marie Osmond weight loss method uses Nutrisystem as the main method. This system provides its own low-fat, low-cal versions of popular foods. You pick a plan that works for you and pick the meals that you want eat for the month. The system will send you those meals that you eat for the month. You supplement these meals with fresh produce according to your meal plan. You incorporate an exercise program and track your progress online. Once you have hit your weight loss goal, you can transition to a maintenance plan that will help you keep those pounds off.

Today, Marie Osmond is the spokesperson for Nutrisystem. She has managed to keep her body fit and trim despite her very busy schedule. During interviews, she reports that she has not felt this kind of energy in more than 10 years. She is over 50 years old, but she says she feels a lot younger.

The Marie Osmond weight loss story is an inspiration to many women who are struggling with their own weight loss issues. The Nutrisystem plan is popular because there is not guess work involved. All the meals are planned and delivered to you, so there is little prep time. It is certainly an alternative if you want to lose weight. Just make sure that you consult with your doctor before you start any type of diet plan so that you will approach this in the safest and healthiest way.

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