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Crossfit For Women

Crossfit training is classified as functional training and is an excellent total body workout. While you may have seen lots of men participating in this type of exercise, it is actually a fantastic workout for women!

The basics of the Crossfit training program remain the same for everyone regardless of your sex or age. It is the way you perform the program that changes.

For women or anyone just starting with Crossfit you must take the time to familiarize yourself with the basics. This includes learning how to perform the required exercises. These exercises involve learning how to do a sit up, push up and squat correctly. You will also need to learn how to do a dead lift, a shoulder press and pull ups.

Of course all of these basic moves will take time to learn. By repeating these moves daily you should be ready to take your first Crossfit class within a month. Take more time if necessary! There is no rush and it is extremely important to learn the moves correctly, this way you will derive more benefit once you start daily classes.

A Crossfit training program targets your entire body. You will develop more strength, power, agility, and balance along with a better cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Depending on your fitness level you can start with a 3 day routine with a day of rest. Your other option is to work out for 5 days and then take 2 days off. Do whichever you feel more comfortable with.

You can visit the Crossfit website and get a Workout of the Day that lists the exercises you need to do. Each exercise will target a certain area and many people enjoy following this more structured routine.
If you prefer you can make up your own Crossfit training program and incorporate exercises that you like. You must remember to include exercises that target all areas of your body. This should include some type of endurance and stamina building activities.

A basic routine for women should include the following:

  • 10 minute warm up
  • 20 – 25 minutes of Crossfit training. This should include doing sit ups, push ups, lifting dumbbells or kettlebells and weight exercises such as bicep curls and chest presses.
  • 10 minute cool down with stretching

As you can see this 40 minute routine can easily be scheduled into your day. Just perform each exercise to the best of your ability. If you do decide to follow the Crossfit Workout of the Day then modify any exercise as needed. As your fitness level improves you will be able to perform each exercise more intensely.

The whole object of Crossfit is to work out fast and hard, you perform sets of exercises and take as few breaks as possible.

Remember Crossfit is used by members of the armed forces, police department and fire departments. So there must be something to this method of training. Women can easily participate in Crossfit by modifying exercises as necessary. Just don’t try to do too much too soon as you don’t want to injure yourself!

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