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Risks Of Cosmetic Surgery

Risks Of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a growing procedure used by many to change the way they look. Augmentation or shifts in the body’s natural curves can easily be made with cosmetic surgery. There is also the ability to get rid of the extra wrinkles that have formed from age. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, there are risks that may occur. Some of these are more serious and should be looked in to before you decide to continue.

One of the common risks among any cosmetic surgery is infection. Because an incision is made in one area of the body, it can sometimes cause a reaction from the body. Either something moved into the area through the incision or the body area doesn’t react naturally. If there is an infection from your cosmetic surgery, you will usually notice a pain or redness in the incision area. It is important to have this checked by the surgeon right away. Some of these will require an extra surgery.

Another problem that sometimes occurs from cosmetic surgery is from implants that are added into the area. If these do not heal properly or are not given the proper care, they can shift and move out of place. This often occurs by the patient not giving enough time for healing or if the gauze or stitches are removed too soon. This sometimes causes an infection to occur after the incision is closed, and can cause pain and discomfort. If you have an implant that has moved, it will need a second surgery to either remove the implant or shift it back into place.

Another problem that will sometimes occur is internal or external bleeding. This is usually a result of the extra strain on the area. In a liposuction procedure, there may also be a complication with too much blood being removed. Be sure you don’t have problems with blood pressure before you decide on having cosmetic surgery. Uncontrolled bleeding can cause severe reactions.

Often, there can also be nerve damage or necrosis. If the surgeon accidentally hits a nerve in the area that they are working on, it will cause irritation after the surgery. There may be a loss of feeling in one of the areas of your body. You may also find that you are not reacting normally when this part of your body is affected.

Knowing what the risks are for cosmetic surgery will help you to decide if it is worth having the procedure done. Risks are rare among most cosmetic surgeries, affecting about one percent of those who receive the procedure. However, it is important to know what may happen if something goes wrong during the surgery or if your body doesn’t react or heal properly. Knowing what these are before the surgery will help you in weighing the pros and cons when deciding to change the way that you look.

Some deformities or birth defect will need to be corrected regardless of the risk.
A doctor is the best person to assess the risks.

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