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Crossfit For Kids

What child doesn’t love climbing up ropes, jumping off of frames and generally running around and having a great time? Welcome to the world of Crossfit for kids.

Crossfit is an exercise program that targets the entire body by using the principals of functional training. You learn how to move your body as a whole. Your strength, power and balance increases with the training.

Kids today are victim to staying indoors and playing too many video games and spending time on the computer. As a parent if you mention the word exercise to your child, you are probably met with a disapproving look! But what if there was a way to get your child excited about exercising.

Crossfit can easily become a family affair. In fact many parents who are involved in Crossfit training are encouraging their children to join up. This has led to more Crossfit for Kids training programs to be started around the country.

But Crossfit doesn’t have to be regimented to a class. You can easily take your Crossfit training outdoors to your local park or hiking trail.

Climbing up ropes or through tires is a great Crossfit exercise. Along with pull ups, bench presses, sit ups and push ups. All of these could be performed at a local playground or even at home.

By making this type of training a family activity your kids are more likely to want to participate for the long term. Especially if they can out do mom or dad when it comes to pull ups or climbing up a rope!

Functional fitness is a process where a person learns how to use their body effectively. Children will become stronger and more agile in all their daily activities. Crossfit can be a great confidence builder for kids.

Crossfit also involves improving your cardio levels. This can be done by going hiking and then stopping along the way to do sit ups and other weight bearing activities. It makes the hike more exciting and fun for everyone. Plus at the end you could have a race back to the car to really get your heart rate pumping!

So if your kids aren’t fond of regular activities like baseball, basketball and soccer then you might want to consider a Crossfit class. Most local gyms are beginning to offer this type of training and hey maybe you could help your gym organize a Crossfit for kids program?

It is never too late for anyone to get involved in exercise kids, adults of seniors. Crossfit could just be the inspiration you have been looking for!

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