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How Get In Shape Fast With 20 Minute Workouts

How Get In Shape Fast With 20 Minute Workouts

If you are struggling with getting healthier just because you can’t find time to make it to the gym or to work out for a long time, you’re in luck. There are actually a lot of different 20 minute workouts you can do. Here are some different ways to add short, easy, 20 minute workouts to your life.

How To Fit In 20 Minutes Of Workouts Every Day

Having a limited amount of time to do a workout is something that affects many people. In fact, you may be one of those people who have figured out you only have certain portions of your day that are available for a workout. If this sounds like you, you may think that fitting in even a 20 minute workout is impossible. Of course you may feel that 20 minutes would not give you the proper workout either. With these issues in mind, consider the ways you can fit in 20 minutes of working out a day.

Work Out During Lunch Breaks

One way that you can fit in 20 minutes of working out each day is to do it during your lunch break. Your lunch break is usually thirty minutes long. This gives you five minutes before the workout and five minutes after. Remember, workouts can be a brisk walk. In fact, if you have been sedentary for a time then this may be the ideal way to get started and make sure you get in your workout without going overboard. If you are worried about missing lunch, consider having protein and healthy filled snacks during your smaller quick breaks in the morning and afternoon to ensure you eat but still have workout time.

Work Out During Naptime

If you have small children you may be wondering when the best time to work out is. Try working out during naptime. You know that if you start right after the nap you will get at least 20 minutes in before they wake up or even start stirring. This allows you time to get a workout in while they nap and may even buy you that quick shower and downtime before they are awake. It is an ideal option if you really have no time and feel pulled left, right, and center by kids and obligations.

Get Up Early or Late

Getting up early or staying up a little late may be the ideal way for you to get in a 20 minute workout. You would need to think about your workout time, shower time, and dress time but there is something to consider with this. If you already get up in the morning and shower before work or class, then all you are doing is getting up half an hour early to wake up and work out for 20 minutes before doing what you would do anyway.

Combine Meetings or Gatherings

If you are meeting with friends or have a quick phone meeting, try combining them with your workout. If you are doing a simple phone meeting to narrow down or nail down a schedule, then you can do a workout on an elliptical at the same time. The same thing can be said for talking on the phone to friends. You can combine it with a workout and get both done at once.

These are only a few of the methods that can allow you to fit in 20 minutes of a workout a day. You can combine these methods, or work with the methods to help you get the workout that works for you.

Four Types Of Workouts You Can Do In 20 Minutes

You already know that longer workouts do not work for you. You may have also discovered that you have a limited amount of time in your day to work out. This means finding the right workout that fits your lifestyle, schedule, and still gets you to your goals. If this sounds like your situation, consider these four workouts. You can do them in 20 minutes and they vary in intensity depending on your goals.

1. Kettlebell

There are numerous 20 minute kettlebell workouts that focus on whole body, core, and upper body. In fact, you could take several of these exercises and use the kettlebell as your sole piece of workout equipment. This is ideal for someone with a limited amount of knowledge in weight lifting or with a limited amount of space to keep or carry equipment.

2. Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing works your full body. The good thing about indoor rock climbing is the different levels of climbing you can do. You can start out at a beginner level and work your way to advanced while maintaining the time limit you have of 20 minutes. You can also use moving walls that can increase the intensity and speed of the workout to make it even more valuable to you.

3. Circuit Training

If weight training is your thing, then circuit training may be ideal. Most gyms have a small area of machines specifically designed for circuit training. You work through each machine for a certain amount of reps. Within 20 minutes you can work through the entire cycle of the circuit and possibly do a second round. This works your entire body and can be adjusted to different weights as needed.

4. Lunch Time Cardio

Lunch time cardio classes are exercise options that gyms and small community groups offer. These are called lunch time cardio because they are done in 30 minutes or less, usually around the 20 minute mark. This will get your cardio in and help you meet your fitness goals if weight loss is the focus. You can take a variety of classes and the classes can be mixed with other workouts to help increase the results of your workout. This is an ideal option if you need to work out, but weight training is not an option for that day.

Remember that you can also mix and match these workouts to create a five day workout plan to meet your goals even sooner. This is ideal if you want to change things up a bit to give yourself as much workout results as possible.

Workouts You Can Do At Home In 20 Minutes

Working at home can be a challenge. This is especially true when you have multiple commitments that can include younger children, work, and the rest of your normal household duties. This may have led you to decide to avoid the gym and just handle your workouts at home. If this sounds like your situation, you may be looking for at home workouts that you can do in a small amount of time, like 20 minutes. Here are a few to consider.

High Intensity DVD Workouts

When you think about high intensity workouts, you may automatically think of heavy weight lifting or extreme cardio. There are high intensity DVD workouts that can be done at home, but do not mean you are hurting yourself or increasing your weight lifting. Most of the high intensity workouts work on a circuit and rep system. This means you are moving through several exercises in a short amount of time with as many reps as possible to get you a full body workout.

YouTube Workouts

YouTube usually brings to mind beauty gurus, interviews, and comedy. What it may not make you think about are the many workouts that are available on YouTube for free. You can search the site and narrow your search to the keywords that fit a workout your want. Then you can narrow it down further to 20 minute workouts. Save the workouts you like to a private playlist and work from that playlist based on the workout you want to do that day. This maintains variety and allows you to pick from a wide array of options, all for free and at home.

Indoor Walking

Indoor walking may make you think of just walking in place. The truth is, though that is what you are doing, the intensity level and length of the walk may vary. If you want to go for more of a cardio workout from home in 20 minutes, then this may be ideal. You can get about half a mile of a walk in during those 20 minutes while building your cardio and your leg strength. Add resistance bands to work your arms and core for a full body workout.

These can be switched and swapped out to fit your workout goals and needs. You can also adapt them to work with a higher intensity over time to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout.

Recording Your Workouts

You have found the right workouts that work with you. You have some that are at home workouts, some that are in the gym, and maybe some that are just outdoors. You also may have ensured that your workouts fit into a certain time space that works for everyone in your life. With all of that work towards creating a workout program and routine, you may want to record those workouts for accountability and tracking. If that is the case, here are some ways that you can record your workout accurately.


One of the easiest ways to record your workouts is to use a journal. You do not have to do this with a long drawn out post each day. For recording your workouts you can do quick notes each day like how long your workout was, what you did, and any issues you had. A key point that you can record, regarding your workouts, is to write down your thoughts about the workout. You can write down if you had issues and if you felt like you could go further and more intense. These are the notes and ideas that can build into a better workout or clue you in on the changes you need to make to the workout you have.

Workout Apps

If journaling is not your thing, then workout apps may be idea. These apps are ideal for someone on the go or someone who just wants to record the workout and move on. Most of the apps available work on the idea of recording your steps, your runs, or the amount of workout time you put in at the gym. They connect to you and note how long you worked out, your location, and even the trail you took if you went on a run. They can also connect to other programs and devices and sync to get even more of your workout information.

Fitness Watches

Fitness watches come in a wide variety of options. These include options that record your steps, you calories, your workout time and even your sleep patterns. Your information is recorded directly to the fitness watch and can sync with an app on your phone. This app an also be accessed at the manufacturer website. This recording method is so popular that it is being used by some insurance companies to record your workout and get a discount on your insurance.

The key to recording your workouts is to see progress over time and see where you need to make changes, what workouts are not working for you, and where some changes can afford to be made. By implementing some or all of these methods you can keep accurate records and check them no matter where you are.

Tips For Staying On Track With Your 20 Minute Workouts

You have worked hard to figure out not only what kind of 20 minute workouts you can do, but also when you can do them. You have worked hard to get the time carved out to work on you and to get your health and body in shape. Now it is time to make sure that you stay on track, no matter what life throws your way. Here are a few tips for staying on track with your 20 minute workouts.

Use an App

One of the easiest ways to stay on track with your 20 minute workouts is to use an app on your smartphone. Apps range from simple accountability options to apps that have alarms to remind you when to work out or even take your supplements. These apps can help remind you to take that time for yourself or keep track of how many days you have missed. The good point about this is that you can see what days you are missing the most and change your workout days to fit your needs. You can then use the same app to stay on track with the new plan.

Do a Variety of Workouts

The main thing that keeps people from wanting to work out or stay on track is a lack of variety. When you do the same thing each and every workout, it can make things dull quickly. Make sure you are doing something different, even if it is just a different intensity on the workout. Ideally, you should be doing upper body, lower body, core, and cardio in different workouts instead of all in one. So consider that when you begin your workout plan and routine.

Turn Off the Outside World

This may sound silly, but being tethered to the outside world by your phone or other alternative can mean more interruptions. Make sure that wherever you decide to do your 20 minute workout, you can be totally focused on the workout. Do not have your phone on, do not answer your phone if it rings, and try not to do your workout where others can interrupt you. Once you are interrupted, you will have to get back on track right away. Make your 20 minutes yours. Make your workout your world for that time and stay focused during that time.

By incorporating these methods, you can maintain your 20 minute workouts and stay on track to meet your goals. Remember, that certain things are flexible. If you find out that you need to change times or change workouts to maintain your goals, you can. Everything is flexible as long as you stay committed to your goals.


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