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Best Fruits For Weight Loss

Losing weight can be very tough for the millions of people suffering from obesity or who just need to drop a couple of inches. There are a variety of prescription pharmaceuticals, expensive weight loss programs, and natural supplements available to help people achieve their weight loss goals. However, you do not have to spend a lot of extra money on these products. Nature created some of the best remedies for ridding oneself of the extra pounds. Here are some of the best fruits for weight loss.


One of the best fruits for weight loss is the grapefruit. You probably have heard of the “grapefruit diet” which has been around nearly a century in one form or another. Grapefruit does provide a very satisfying meal without adding a lot of calories to your daily load. There is also clinical evidence from a study done at Scripps Clinic in San Diego that just adding grapefruit to your diet with no other changes can help you lose weight. In this study, patients consuming grapefruit lost 3.6 pounds over 12 weeks compared with those not eating the fruit.


Avocado is another fruit that is particularly beneficial to eat if you want to lose weight. This might surprise some people, as avocados are high in fat. However, they are high in healthy fats known as monounsaturated oleic acids. Intake of fats such as these have been shown to normalize blood sugar levels. Blood sugar spikes are can be a significant factor in weight gain. Avocado has also been shown to improve the absorption of nutrients from meals, which can help dampen hunger.


Coconuts also provide a very good source of healthy fats that help to increase your metabolism. Like avocados, they also help absorb nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E, and K. These are fat soluble compounds that are hard to absorb if you do not get enough fat in your diet, and if you are lacking in them the body can start up regulating fat producing factors in your body. Coconut mostly contains medium chain fatty acids and thus is not stored as fat.


Lemons are also good for weight loss. Lemon juice is often incorporated into the “master cleanse fast” for the ability of lemon juice to detoxify the body. There are many who believe that some fats are hard to get rid of because they are used to store toxins that the body has a hard getting rid of. Thus, the logic is that when one starts to naturally detoxify the body, the fat is easier to shed.


Apples are great for not only keeping the doctor away, but also for keeping the pounds away. An apple is a low calorie, very satisfying snack that is convenient to carry around. A study has shown that those who regularly eat apples prior to a large pasta meal ate a lot less calories than those who ate other foods prior to the meal.

You do not have to get some expensive remedy to achieve your weight loss goals. By supplementing your diet with the best fruits for weight loss, you can dramatically improve your chances of shedding those unsightly pounds.

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