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Choosing The Perfect Hairstyle For Your Hair Type and Facial Structure

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It may be very tempting to simply get your hair cut in the latest style; however, this is not always a good choice. If the most popular hair style does not suit your hair type or the shape of your face, you could end up looking quite ridiculous. Rather than following popular trends, it is smarter to carefully determine what type of hair style will flatter your face shape. Then be sure that the style you choose will work well with your type of hair. Read on to learn how you can choose the perfect hair style for you.

First determine your face shape. Your face may be round, oblong, oval, pear shaped, heart shaped, diamond shaped or rectangular. Get together with your hairstylist to discuss the various face shapes and decide which one is most like your face shape.

Suitable styles vary from one face shape to another. For example, a round face shape may do very well with a very short choppy sort of style or with a long style featuring a deep part; however, these sorts of styles would not be at all suitable for a diamond face shape. With the diamond face shape, it is better to follow its contours with a center part or a slightly off-center part, and narrow it slightly with a longer cut. A short, choppy cut with a diamond shaped face would end up all angles and points and not at all attractive!

Once you and your hairstylist have decided upon your face shape and chosen a few styles that will work for you, take some time to mull your decision over. Sleep on it and consult some friends and family members. Even though the final decision will certainly be all yours, the feedback you receive from others can be very valuable in helping you choose just the right cut to suit your style and your face shape.

Once your decision has been made, step boldly forward and make an appointment with your hairdresser. Be sure to schedule your appointment at a day and time that is comfortable for both you and your hairdresser. It is best if neither of you is rushed. You want to be able to take your time and get the best cut possible. It is a good idea to establish a regular appointment every month to six weeks to keep your new style looking its best.

The most important thing is to take your time. When you take the time to determine your face shape and seek out several different options in terms of hairstyles to suit both the shape of your face and your hair type, you will be more certain of getting just the right hairstyle.

With the perfect haircut you will find that you spend much less time on styling, and you will be happier with your hairstyle under all conditions. For example, a really good cut will simply fall into place after washing and even after time outdoors in the wind. Follow the tips presented here to get the best hairstyle for your face shape and hair type.

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