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Effective Acne Scar Products

One wonders why people, especially the adolescents and young adults with hyperactive oil or sebaceous glands, must live with acne scars when they are preventable with minimal cost. Acne scars are unsightly and may cause unwarranted insecurities. Had they been attended to earlier, scars would not have been formed. Home remedies and acne scar products are widely available and only indifference and neglect would run counter to beneficial effects.

Acne scar products are sold over the counter. The procedure or applications are done at home without spending for the services of a professional. If one so desires to give attention to this confidence-eroding skin problem here are some products to consider.

Glycolic Acid

This is commonly found among anti aging products because of its property to stimulate cell renewal. A 10 to 12% concentration over 6 months application can lead to diminished skin depressions caused by acne.


This is a gel-like topical ointment that contains onion extract. It is not originally intended for scar removal, but this can soften scars and remove redness. The best time to apply is when the acne is just about to heal. It is expensive and may take several weeks application before visible signs appear.

Scar Zone

This is very much like Mederma being a gel-like topical ointment. It can also eliminate the redness in acne scars in several weeks and best applied too before the complete healing of acne but it is inexpensive unlike Mederma.

Chemical Peels

Mild formulations may be bought over the counter. The usual active component is alphahydroxy acids like glycolic acid. This cannot remove depressions caused by acne but can even out skin tone and remove redness.

Microdermabrasion Home Kits

This can be safely used at home but may be a little bit tricky. To make sure that nothing will go wrong and to earn confidence, it can be done in a clinic under the watchful eye of a trained professional the first time it’s tried. The active ingredient which is aluminum oxide can facilitate the fast removal of dying old cells to stimulate production of new cells and healing of acne scars. Protect new skin with sunscreen.

The best solution is to prevent acne scars from forming. Do not pick acne, use sunscreen to prevent darkening of scars and do not neglect the scars. If these persist use the best acne scar products to treat them

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