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Finding The Right Hair Color Shades

The glossy magazines, internet, films and television all depict of popular, dazzling, stunning even politically powerful women and even men in colored tresses. It is a fashion more than a trend because coloring of hair has been practiced in early human civilizations. Today’s trend is in the blending of many basic colors to come up with really unique hair color shades. The current craze is all about mixing colors to come up with really distinctive one-of-a- kind hair color shades. Unusual and wide range of hair color shades is now the craze out of mixing many hues and tints.

With the icons you see every day in their colored locks, aren’t you getting excited about getting a new hair shade? One of the very first things that one usually worries about are the possible choices in hair color shades. For those trying out for the first time, it may be advisable to seek professional help to be safe. The professional hair stylist and colorist can give you ideas on what will suit you best considering your skin color, original hair color, and even personality. Another option is DIY coloring in the comforts of your home. You can do this using hair color kits that are commercially available and which comes with easy-to-follow instructions and guides. For first timers, usually gradual changing of color from subtle to bold is advised.

Choose from the three basic colors of brown, red and blonde. So which one is for you? Choosing right hair color shades is critical as you will be sporting it for a quite considerable time. Consider the color of your complexion. Warm is used to describe dark-skinned people and cool refers to their opposite, the fair –skinned ones.

  • The easiest color to adopt is brown because it can suit extreme personalities and skin color. First time jitters can easily be dissolved by a subtle color. Those whose natural hair color is brown can still use other shades of brown to enhance it. It is also good if hair is dull and lackluster.
  • Red is a head turner. It calls for vibrancy. You must have a vibrant, healthy and bouncy hair to get away with it. It matches a fiery and chic image.
  • Blonde is alluring and eye-catching. It suits fair-skinned individuals. Those who will opt for this hair color shade should be ready for the heavy maintenance that it requires.

Coloring your mane with the appropriate hair color shades can highlight your personality and style. So, bask on it.

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