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Fact and Fiction Of The Acai Berry

As with any product you can find on the market these days there is often a lot of hype associated with its effects. The acai berry and its numerous powders, pills and drinks are no exception. It can be hard to separate fact and fiction from what this little berry can actually do for your body. If you run an internet search you will find hundreds of websites talking about its positive effects and how other manufacturers are giving out false information. Even the websites that report scams involving acai berry products are often little more than scams itself. So here is some facts and a lot of fiction where the acai berry is concerned.

The acai berry is a tasty, tart fruit in and of itself. The fact is that it does have some antioxidant properties and there have been studies that have shown that it does seem to have some affect on cancerous cells. The fiction part of this is that it will cure cancer. The truth is that the studies involving its cancer fighting ability are vastly over inflated. No conclusive studies have shown that it can help slow or cure cancer. Keep this in mind because it really does play a huge role in many peoples’ decisions to buy acai berry supplements.

The acai berry does not cure diabetes. That is pure fiction as there have been no studies performed where this has turned out to be true. If someone makes that claim in an advertisement then they are really stretching the truth. Okay they are outright lying in order to get you to buy their product or supplement. That should throw up a huge warning flag in your mind before you start guzzling bottles of the pills or drinks. If you are a man…it is not going to increase your manhood.

One fact is that the acai berry does have antioxidant properties. This is true. It does certainly have antioxidants. The fiction part is that it is the most potent fruit you can consume. The truth of the matter is that black cherries, Concord grapes and blueberries are all more powerfully packed antioxidant berries for you to consume. It does however beat out fruits such as: oranges, cranberries, apples and strawberries. So there is some fact in the fiction there. Plus in drink mixes the acai berry does taste remarkably well.

As for the increased energy levels and slimming properties of this little black-purple berry, well it is a mixed bag of fact and fiction. On one hand the berry will do nothing by itself. But if you consider it as a part of a balanced diet with a regular exercise program then you will see definite results. You will lose weight because you are eating healthier and exercising more. The truth of the matter is that the acai berry is not truly a super fruit but it does help many people. You just have to know what it can do and what it cannot do.

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