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Psyllium Husk Weight Loss Program

Are you tired of being fat? Do you hate what you see in the mirror or in pictures? Do you want to be sexy and have the opposite sex want you? Well, you cannot have these things as a fat person. I am going to be very direct and not sugarcoat anything for you. Fat people look lazy, they aren’t healthy and not one who is attractive wants to date you. That is the reality of being fat, it is like being a second class citizens, where you watch everyone else have all the fun, while you are left alone to eat a big mac in the corner.

It doesn’t have to be that way. If you are fat, you know how hard it is to lose weight. Shoot you are probably an expert on diet and exercise from all the research you have done but you just aren’t able to put that knowledge to good use, this is a common problem. Losing weight is hard because we do it the wrong way. We try portion control and counting calories, then we fail and eat more food than before. It is like the god’s of weight loss are all against us and in some ways they are.

Your Brain wants you to be fat!

It’s the truth! Our brains are designed to keep us slightly fat and with a store of energy for times of food shortage. The fatty sweet foods that we love triggers hormones that give use pleasure because the brain loves sugar and fat. Many of these foods cause dopamine creation which makes us feel good when we eat these foods. Also when you try to starve yourself or count calories, our brain gets angry and groggy. We get a bad attitude and then we look for the nearest 12 cookies. Our brain likes us fat.

Commanding Your Brain

You have to retrain your brain to lose weight. One thing that you can do is use psyllium husk weight loss, which is a fiber that will make you full. Full people do not continue to eat unless they have a serious eating disorder. Most people just want to fill full when they eat but most diets do not allow for this. The psyllium husk weight loss capsules will give you tons of fiber which will not only make you feel nice and stuffed but they will also help lower your cholesterol and soak up fat.

As you can see, you have to out smart your own brain to lose weight. You have to play it against itself. Psyllium husk weight loss capsules will let you do portion control and eat the foods you like in moderation because they will keep you full. The fuller you are, the less you eat, the smaller you will get.

If you are tired of being fat and missing out on life then you have to try this. It is one trick that actually works and that is good for you.

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