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How Do HCG Drops For Weight Loss Work?

The hormone hCG has been used for a variety of medical conditions since the 1950s. By the 1960s, a doctor in Europe began recognizing that the bodies of many of his patients being injected with hCG (human chorionic gonadotroprin) were changing and shape within just a few weeks. He recognized that the injections were releasing stored deposits of body fat from fat cells into the bloodstream. At some point, the fat was being stored in different locations, to create a more aesthetically pleasing body.

It was his hypotheses that if the fat was being released into the bloodstream before being re-stored, could it be converted into energy. He proved his hypothesis to be true, when he put his patients on a very low calorie diet (VLCD) for a few weeks while taking the injections. The results were phenomenal, where many of his patients losses significant amount of weight without ever feeling hungry. Since that time, doctors have developed hCG drops for weight loss to take advantage of this amazing phenomenon.

The Proper Dosage

When used in the proper dosage, hCG weight loss drops can release stored fat from the chin, thighs, abdomen, shoulders, legs, back, neck and especially the belly. Because the individual is consuming a low-calorie diet, without feeling hunger pangs, the stored fat being released is converted into energy. This provides an amazing amount of weight loss in a short period.

In fact, many of the individuals that routinely take their hCG weight loss drops recognize that they lose weight without needing to exercise at all. They are able to shed unwanted pounds and inches at a rate of five pounds a week on average. In addition, they notice that their energy levels tend to boost along with their self-confidence, and they find it much easier to keep the weight off, than when on other types of diet plans.

In addition, the hCG drops for weight loss also provide additional health benefits that include strengthening and nourishment of the immune and nervous system. Some individuals know that they have an increase in their mental acuity and focus, and tend to have healthier appearing skin.

An Appetite Suppressant

HCG drops for weight loss also tends to diminish the individual’s appetite, making it much easier to avoid eating bad foods, while on the diet. Traditionally, most diets are set to last from three weeks to six weeks. This means that the average individual can lose between 15 and 30 pounds without exercising at all.

Over time, individuals taking the drops tend to lose weight all over. When combined with an exercise routine, the weight loss is even more dramatic. This is because burning off an additional 500 calories a day can translate into one more pound every week, or six more pounds overall, at the end of the six-week diet.

HCG drops for weight loss are available for both men and women, at an affordable price. The drops are placed under the tongue, and can begin producing beneficial effects within a few days.

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