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Makeup Tips To Help You Look Your Best

Want to know how to keep your lip color lasting all day? Ever wondered how to find the right eye makeup for you? When it comes to looking your best, the right makeup tips make all the difference. Here are some pointers that may help you, as well as some resources you can use to get more information.

When you’re selecting the right lip color, the undertones of your skin may help you to make the right selection. If you have ‘cool’ undertones and want to try a bold new shade, a classic red lip can do wonders for your look. If your undertones are warm, you may want to try a ‘red’ lip that is a little more on the burgundy side, since a bolder red may give your lips an orange tint. If you’re selecting tinted lip glosses, pink shades are better for cool tones, while plum and raisin-colored shades may suit warmer tones better. Also, you should select a lip liner that is the same color as the lip stick or lip gloss you’re wearing, so that you can line your lips first before applying to the color.

If you want your eye makeup to last all day, you may want to dab your eyelids with a little foundation before applying the shadow. This will help the makeup to stay in place all day, as well as help to intensify the color. It may also be easier for you to purchase eye shadows in palettes, so that you know that you’re using the right colors for your skin tone and eye color. You can check out selections at or for more ideas. In order to give your eyes more of a natural ‘pop’, you may also want to consider artificial lashes. You can get a fuller, more exotic look with these lashes, although some lash sets are made to look extremely natural, and you won’t have to wear as much eye makeup when you have them on.

Choosing the right blush can be a challenge as well, so it’s best to try the blush before taking it home if possible. Makeup tips that help you figure out the undertones of your skin will help you to make a decision for blush as well, so ask a makeup consultant for a second opinion. Getting a bronzer is also a great option, and these usually only come in light, medium, and dark shades, so it’s easy to find the one that best suits you.

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