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Benefits Of The Lea Michele Weight Loss Program

Is A Vegetarian Zone Diet Possible?

The Lea Michele weight loss program has been shown to be highly beneficial to both men and women. The weight loss regimen that Lea has followed has made her body the envy around the world. In fact, Lea Michele credits her loss of weight as a direct result of following an effective vegan diet, and sticking to an intense dance workout routine to stay in shape for her “Glee” show.

Eating Vegan

The Lea Michele weight loss plan is based primarily on a vegan diet. This means she avoids consuming anything of an animal origin. This includes meats, cheeses, dairy products, eggs and other foods. In fact, being a vegan can be defined more as a philosophy or life choice, than eating a daily diet. In fact, many vegans avoid using any animal-based product at all, including for clothing or any other lifestyle purpose.

Because vegans tend to avoid all types of animal products, it is essential that they provide enough nutrients in their daily diet. Even so, living a vegan or vegetarian life does not need to equate to nutrient deficiency. Vegans get their nutrition through a variety of foods including organic vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, nuts, whole grain products, legumes and seeds.

Adequate Protein

Following the Lea Michele weight loss program requires getting adequate protein every day. The key to acquiring an adequate amount is to consume a varied diet. Nearly every type of food except for fats, sugar and alcohol provide some type of protein. Vegans get their protein through tofu, chickpeas, lentils, soy milk, peanut butter, rice, almonds, spinach, potatoes, whole-wheat bread, kale, broccoli and others.

Adequate Fat

A traditional vegan diet is free of any type of cholesterol, and is typically extremely low in saturated fat. Because of that, consuming a daily vegan diet makes it extremely easy to follow the recommendations of minimizing harmful fats in the diet, which are often the leading risk of most chronic diseases. These include cancer and heart disease. In fact, many vegans avoid high fat foods, or use them sparingly. These would include margarine, oils, nut butters, nuts, avocados, seed butters and coconut.

Adequate Vitamin D

Because most humans get their source of vitamin D through drinking milk and consuming dairy products, vegans are challenged by their diet. This is because they use no dairy products. As a result, they must get their vitamin D through the exposure to sunlight, or taking it as a natural supplement in calcium-fortified rice milk or soy milk.

Adequate Calcium

Vegans understand that they need adequate amounts of calcium to maintain strong bones. They get this through a variety of foods other than dairy products. These can include oranges, calcium-fortified soy milk, tofu with calcium sulfate and dark green vegetables.

The Lea Michele weight loss program has been shown to be highly effective for both men and women. By following a vegan diet, and routine exercise like dancing, many individuals have been able to lose waiting keep it off for good.

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