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Identifying Foods That Are Not Good For Your Body

Food intolerance conditions are recently prevalent according to several leading nutritionists in UK. Unlike food allergies, which aggravate immediate reactions allergic reactions to some foods, food intolerance can cause a deferred body response. This indicates that if the person did not undergo food intolerance testing, then it is impossible to detect the main cause of the condition. Many people experience the symptoms like abdominal pains, asthma, and migraines; these are important data for the doctor to order food intolerance testing.

If the individual wants to detect the sources that cause such condition, then the person can opt for simpler method such as the food sensitivity tests or food intolerance testing. In food intolerance testing, the doctor would take a blood sample from the patient and send it to the laboratory for evaluation. If the blood sample comes back with a positive result for food intolerance, one could then take another examination to recognize that certain kind of food intolerance one has. Actually, a hundred of foods can cause the condition; so, the doctor and the patient need to test which from these food types are responsible for the condition. Also, if the person has confirmed to be intolerant to certain food, he or she must take the physician’s advice regarding on modifying his or her diet plan.

Depending on the person’s intolerance level, the person may find that he or she could still eat the foods that cause allergies. Let’s take this for an example- after food intolerance testing, the patient has been confirmed intolerant to yeast. This indicates that they had to remove yeast-rich foods altogether for one year. However, they still consume introduce these foods into their diet.

With the availability of food intolerance testing today, many physicians and patients are now able to know what are the foods that can cause allergic reactions to their body. They even execute a modified diet plan in order to avoid symptoms of the condition. But food intolerance testing isn’t considered to be the definitive treatment at all. Instead, it must be undertaken together with other endeavors to live healthy lifestyle like having a regular exercise program and a well-balanced diet.

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