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Ways to Practice Self-Care Without Spending Lots of Time or Money

Ways to Practice Self-Care Without Spending Lots of Time or Money

Self-care: It’s put on the back burner by so many of us. But it shouldn’t be! Self-care is an important component of overall wellness, and there are all kinds of ways to indulge. By taking care of your mental health, seeking assistance in living a healthier lifestyle, practicing at-home yoga, managing negative emotions, and getting enough sleep, you can save time and money on self-care.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Our mental health is another thing we tend to push aside, and again, this is a mistake. According to Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, more than 18% of adults battle anxiety disorders, and 10% are affected by mood disorders. A few ideas for taking care of your mental health include:

  • Starting each morning with self-love. (Think: “Good morning, love. You’ll do great today.”)
  • Celebrating your small wins.
  • Knowing that your feelings are valid.
  • Limiting your screen time.

There will be different effective methods for different people, so try new ones until you find what’s right for you. With the right mental state, many things in your life can drastically improve and there’s no time like the present.

Getting Help To Live a Healthier Lifestyle

In general, most people could all stand to live a healthier lifestyle. You should consult a licensed physician to narrow down exactly what it is you need to work on the most. However, there isn’t always time to go to the doctor for checkups. Fortunately, there are options. Setting up a virtual doctor visit is easy, fast, and usually less expensive than an in-person visit. Online doctor visits offer more flexibility and a wider variety of options for treatment. You’ll even have an easier time filling your prescriptions. It’s an excellent choice for saving (travel) time and pinching pennies.

Practicing Yoga at Home

The benefits of yoga are practically endless. It improves your flexibility and strength, all while calming your mind with quiet and deep breathing. Essentially, yoga is meditation with stretching. Focusing on breathing in and out can relieve stress and bring better self-awareness. For instance, you may realize that you tense up your shoulders by scrunching them up or take note of how your posture may be affecting pain and flexibility in the body. Though you can take official classes, one of the great things about yoga today is that you can do it virtually. There are dozens of free yoga classes on YouTube, allowing you to choose when and for how long you practice.

Managing Negative Emotions

It happens to all of us: we get down and stay there. But negativity is quite literally bad for your brain. As explained by MindBodyGreen, negative emotions can affect mood, memory, temper control, physical movement, and cognitive processes, including communication. This can create an especially big problem for small business owners who by nature have a lot on their plate. Healthy coping skills include seeking outside support, recognizing which thoughts are causing the negative emotions, more exercise, deep breathing, and eating healthier. Sometimes it helps to consult a mentor that can give you insight and an outlet to vent.

Getting Enough Sleep

There’s no way around the importance of a good night’s sleep. It reduces stress, allows you to think more clearly, get along better with others, and make better decisions. Things that can reduce your sleep time and/or quality include caffeine, alcohol, and stress and anxiety. Some helpful tips for better sleep are:

  • Going to bed at the same time each night and rising at the same time each morning.
  • Avoiding nicotine.
  • Making your bedroom a sleep oasis: dark, quiet, comfortable, and just the right temperature.
  • Following a routine to help you relax before bed.

Also, if you have just moved into a new home and have trouble sleeping, check out the guide “What to Do if You Have Trouble Sleeping in Your New Home” for more tips to get a better night’s sleep.

Don’t neglect your sleep or your body and mind will pay for it!

Final Words

Self-care doesn’t have to feel like a hassle. Try taking care of your mental health, consulting an online physician about living a healthier lifestyle, practicing online yoga, managing negative emotions, and getting enough sleep. These time- and money-saving options can all make a world of difference in your wellbeing!

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