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How To Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally

Add a natural boost to immune system by making your body stronger. If you have an immune system that’s weak, your body will not be able to fight diseases and other physical onslaughts. There are a lot of changes that our body has to encounter on a daily basis and some of these include the following: weather, countries, time zones and cough and cold.

With the onset of autumn, the body becomes vulnerable to changes in temperatures. The immune system of the body can identify viral strains although natural boosts to the immune system also needs to be provided. The body recognizes a mutated virus and even with the smallest of genetic alterations, it can take the virus as a new species altogether. The advantage with providing the body with a potential immunity system, there will be no antibodies present in your blood. A weak immunity, triggered by malnutrition, will result in stressful recuperation in order to ensure good health.

The Symptoms of Absence of natural boost to the immune system are: lethargy, exhaustion, infection, slow healing of wounds, thrush, allergy, flu and the common cold. In fact, studies indicate that a healthy body should succumb to not more than a couple of cold attacks in a year. So, if you are faced with cold attacks more than twice annually, it’s high time to provide a natural boost to your immune system. Here are some of the ways through which you can boost your immune system:

Take lemons. Lemons are ideally suited to restore the body’s alkali and acid balance. If you take in a freshly squeezed lemon every day, you can maintain the body’s pH balance. You may even club it with tea, or putting it in your food or salad dressings instead of using vinegar. It helps maintain the body temperature for a natural boost to immune system, by keeping viruses and harmful bacteria at bay. Another way to enhance the alkaline content of your body is to take apple cider vinegar, although lemons taste pleasanter.

Taking herbs is also a natural boost to immune system as herbal tinctures and supplements are especially effective in the winter months. Essential oils are excellent to stimulate the body’s immunity, like the rawest form of a medicinal herb or fresh foods that have maximum frequency and potency. Experts even recommend sleep, the duration of which may vary from one person to another. While for some bodies it may be 6, others may require 10 hours of sleep for maintaining optimum hormonal balance, regulating metabolism and body weight and ensuring a healthful skin.

Eat proteins. They act as building blocks for ensuring a healthy body and mind, not to mention their capacity to add natural boost to immune system. Make sure you take in a diet that is high in carbohydrates as it can readily convert into glucose, for triggering optimum levels of blood sugar and effective pancreas functioning. Finally, drink lots of water which acts as a natural cleanser for the system. Drinking water is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

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