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Crossfit Training – Fitness At Its Best!

A Crossfit training program can be an intense workout. The good thing about this type of training is that it can be adapted to suit each individual. You will see that children, Olympic athletes, Martial artists, housewives and seniors all participate in Crossfit training. The only difference is the intensity level and the degree of your training.  Crossfit can be customized day by day or week by week to suit your fitness level.

There are various pieces of equipment used in a Crossfit training program. You could be working out with kettle bells, a jump rope, a pull up bar, a medicine ball and dumbbells among other equipment.

When starting a Crossfit training regimen you will be following a routine of 3 days of training followed by one day off. 0n training days you will follow what’s known as WOD or Workout of the Day and these exercises target specific areas. You might be working on increasing your stamina level or building your strength.  In total ten fitness areas are targeted making this type of training program a total body workout.

In each Workout of the Day you will follow a set of exercises. If any exercises are new or too hard then you simply modify them to suit your needs. If you are taking a Crossfit class the instructor can show you suitable modifications.

For a complete beginner it is recommended that you learn how to do some basic exercises first. This will allow you to get more benefit from each Workout of the Day.

The beginner exercises that you should learn to perform include:

  • Squats
  • Crunches
  • Shoulder Presses
  • Push Ups

Once you are comfortable with these then you can start taking the daily classes. It will also benefit you to improve your cardiovascular condition ahead of time.

The true benefits of a Crossfit class come with the speed at which you can do the exercises and by taking fewer breaks in between each set.

If you take a Crossfit class you will all be asked to do the same exercises. The only difference you will notice is the different levels each exercise is performed at. Plus the amount of breaks some people require before starting a new set.

If you find you need lots of breaks, don’t worry! You will quickly notice how fast you improve even in a week or two. The best advice we can give you is to set a Crossfit training schedule and stick with it. No matter how hard it might seem, perform each exercise the best that you can. Before you know it you won’t be called a beginner anymore!

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