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Crossfit Equipment

Purchasing Crossfit equipment can be much less inexpensive than buying a new treadmill or elliptical machine. While you do need multiple pieces of equipment, each one is not that expensive.

A good quality exercise mat will be a great investment for doing many of the Crossfit exercises. These exercises include sit ups and push ups along with other floor exercises.

For performing squats you can use a large medicine ball or an exercise ball. The ball is placed behind your back on a wall and helps you to balance and keep your posture while squatting.

A large exercise ball could also be used for push ups and sit ups and is a little gentler on your back, especially for beginners.  For pull ups a good quality pull up bar is recommended.

Another mainstay piece of equipment will be your kettlebells. These are similar in weight to dumbbells but allow you to perform different movements and exercises. A common exercise performed is the kettlebell swing, where the kettlebell is held in between your legs with straight arms. The swing involves taking the kettlebell straight up and over your head and then back to the starting position.  This is an excellent exercise that will raise your body temperature and increase your heart rate!

A sturdy box frame is another requirement and is used for jumping up onto.  This box ideally has various heights allowing you to jump up higher as your fitness level increases.

Jump ropes along with heavier ropes are other pieces of Crossfit equipment that can be added to your inventory.

Of course you don’t have to run out and purchase all of this equipment at once. You can start off with the basics and add more as your progress. It is best to make sure that you enjoy the idea of Crossfit training first! You don’t want to purchase lots of equipment only to have it sit in the corner and collect dust.

You will need a good sized area of your home to set up your Crossfit gym. Make sure that you have plenty of room and height to perform the exercises. You will be jumping rope and jumping onto a high box, so a low ceiling in your basement might be an issue.

For the push up bar ensure that you can place it in between a sturdy door frame. One that offers lots of support, you don’t want to run the risk of having the bar come down on top of you. Another option is to purchase a ceiling mounted bar.

If you are a complete beginner then we would recommend that you start off by buying a good exercise mat and some kettlebells and maybe a jump rope. This equipment is enough to get you started and will provide you with a great workout.

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