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Common Beauty Problems and Natural Remedies

Common Beauty Problems and Natural Remedies

Common Beauty Problems

The subject of beauty care encompasses a staggering range of topics. However, there are some common beauty problems which are faced by almost all of us. Most beauty problems arise from our basic state of health and lifestyle. Of course, on top of the list is a lack of daily care and ignorance of your skin problems.

Below you will find a list of common beauty problems faced by many of us along with some suggested remedies for them.


Freckles are the tiny dark spots that are sprinkled on the face. These appear more on the elevated areas of the skin including the nose, cheeks and forehead. These spots appear due to a prolonged exposure to the sun and is more common in people with fairer skin. Freckles occur when the pigments in the lower layers of the skin get transferred to the upper layers, getting gradually destroyed in the process.

The best remedy for freckles is to minimize exposure to harmful rays of the sun and intensive moisturization of your skin.


Also known as milia, whiteheads are a mild form of acne that are caused by the accumulation of the hardened sebum (oil), dirt and dead skin cells in the pores of the skin.

Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid can be most helpful in treating whiteheads. Benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria and reduce inflammation in the surrounding area of whiteheads. Salicylic acid removes dead skin cells and excess oil that are clogging the pores of your skin. 

Dark under-eye circles

This skin problem is typically caused by lack of sleep, fatigue, stress and dietary deficiencies such as iron deficiency. Also, hormonal changes and allergies are known to cause this problem.

Dark under-eye circles respond quite well to special under-eye creams containing lanolin and almonds. When applying a face mask, the skin around the eyes should also be carefully left out.

Enlarged pores

When the sebaceous glands become overactive, this usually results in the enlargement of the pores. Once this happens, these glands secrete oils which further lead to clogging of the pores. This in turn forms the base for the development of blackheads, white heads and other related forms of acne.

The typical remedy for this kind of problem is to use a medicated cleanser to keep the pores free of sebum. Deep pore cleansing done with specialized cleansers also helps considerably. In addition, it is often helpful to use a skin tonic with a rose base for keeping the pores free of sebum.


Warts are basically the small, hard and raised growths with a rough surface that grow on the skin. These can appear on any part of the body but are more common on hands and face. Warts are believed to be caused by a particular virus.

Sclerotherpay, the treatment of warts is always carried out by a trained professional and generally comprises of insertion of a specialized solution into the problematic area, causing the blood flow to the wart to stop. Once the treatment is finished, the wart slowly dries up and then starts crumbling away. The same effect can also be achieved by creams and ointments.

Under-eye bags

Under-eye bags look like heavy pouches right under the eyes. Usually a hereditary problem, under-eye bags mostly develop during the thirties. Sometimes, these pouches are caused by other problems such as sinus, urinary tract infections and kidney ailments.

The most important step to take when you have this type of problem is to drink a lot of water. This will keep the kidneys functioning well and also help ‘flush’ the system. One of the most effective remedies is to have a glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice as the first thing in the morning.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are essentially caused by overstretching of the skin, which destroys its elasticity and resilience. The most common reason for the development of stretch marks is gaining or losing excess weight.

Since it is almost impossible to cure and completely remove stretch marks, it important to follow suitable preventive measures early on so that these do not develop in the first place. The most critical time to take adequate care is the time of pregnancy and a few months after the delivery.

Your Beauty and Self Care Kit

Beauty experts and therapists in different cultures across the world have always stressed some fundamental rules of skin care. Here is a list of 10 golden rules of skin care for you to follow.

10 Golden Rules Of Skin Care

  1. Know your skin type and treat it accordingly.
  2. Cleanse your skin twice a day with good quality products that are suitable for your skin type.
  3. Develop a habit of seeing a beauty therapist regularly after you are 25 years of age.
  4. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.
  5. Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  6. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
  7. Use a face mask at least once a week.
  8. Exercise regularly.
  9. Remember that regular care and routine always pay rich dividends
  10. Neglect worsens skin problems and accelerates ageing like nothing else does.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have always been an integral part of the skin care kit. These oils provide maximum therapeutic help in the most natural manner.

Experts advise using a different set of essential oils for different types of skin. Below you will find a concise list of the essential oils you can use for various skin types.

Oily Skin Dry Skin Normal Skin
Bergamot Chamomile Chamomile
Cedarwood Geranium Fennel
Cypress Hyssop Geranium
Frankincense Lavender Lavender
Geranium Patchouli Lemon
Juniper Rose Patchouli
Lavender Sandalwood Rose
Sage Ylang-Ylang Sandalwood


Never put essential oils directly onto the skin! They must be mixed or diluted with a carrier oil first! 

Top 10 Home Beauty Agents

There is no doubt that quality skin care comes at a price. Of course, the price is incurred in terms of money as well as effort and time spent on the products and procedures. However, nature has kindly bestowed on us a series of wonderful products which carry amazing curative powers. And you do not have to go out and look for them as you can find them right in your own kitchen.

1. Cinnamon

A common ingredient in cooking, cinnamon can be used either in its raw or powdered form. The oil extracts of cinnamon can be highly effective for facial massage. Cinnamon is also known to have a soothing effect on the sun-damaged skin, besides being good for the teeth.

2. Almond

Almonds smoothen the skin and also have a skin tightening effect. They are also known to refine and moisturize the skin very well. Almonds are best known as bleaching agents and helpful in removing under-eye circles.

3. Honey

Honey is considered to be one of the best natural moisturizers. In fact, honey can be applied in its natural form to give the skin a soft, moist and satiny look. A little bit of honey added to the bath water is also known to induce sleep and minimize fatigue.

4. Potato

Potatoes are helpful in clearing the blemishes and help patients suffering from eczema. They also have a significant tightening effect on the skin and are helpful in reducing puffiness around the eyes.

5. Cucumber

Cucumber works as an excellent cleaning, soothing and mild astringent on the skin. Rubbing cucumber on oily skins can especially be beneficial.

6. Carrot

A handful of carrots boiled and then mashed into a pulp can act as a wonderful face-mask. These are especially helpful for soothing dry and sensitive skin.

7. Yogurt

Yogurt is regarded as one of the best natural cleansers and especially useful for oily and spotty skin. It is best to apply yogurt to face and wash it off after a short while. You can also mix yogurt with honey and apply to your face.

8. Cabbage

Cabbage is an excellent nourishing agent. Water in which cabbage was boiled has been found to be very soothing for the skin.

9. Lemon

Lemon is an extremely effective natural cleanser. It cleanses without disturbing the natural balance of moisture in the skin. Lemon is extensively used in face creams, pre-bath creams, cleansers and masks.

10. Eggs

Eggs are considered to be an excellent skin tightener. Apply the raw white part of the egg evenly to your face to see the tightening effect it has on your skin.

Remember that these natural products can be extremely effective in the long run. Though some of them can also show immediate results, you will have to be patient to see the full effects they will have on your skin.

The Last Word

Beauty care is a matter of disciplined regimen. If you choose the right products, keep to your routine regularly and follow a healthy lifestyle, you will soon be on your way to a beautiful, glowing and rejuvenated skin.

You must also remember not to fall into the trap of being allured by the flashy commercials about beauty and skin care products. The products they offer might be very good, but you can only know if you try them on. Network with people who are keen on following similar beauty regimens as you do. Learn from their experiences and share your knowledge with them. 

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