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Metamucil Weight Loss Approach

Healthy Eating Habits for Life

People have been hearing about the possible benefits that Metamucil can have in weight loss. Metamucil was not designed as a weight loss supplement. Rather, it is a fiber supplement that helps your digestive system stay regular. However, there have been some claims that adding Metamucil to one’s daily diet can help a dieter in attaining his weight loss goal. This article discusses some aspects of the Metamucil weight loss approach.

The manufacturer of Metamucil states that this supplement is intended to aid in the reduction of cholesterol. It can help your digestive system clean itself. It is a rich source of fiber that is essential in any healthy diet. The dietary fiber in Metamucil is psyllium husk. This is what people are saying that gives weight loss a boost.

What is the Metamucil weight loss connection? It turns out that the fiber in Metamucil keeps you feeling more satisfied. The fiber produces bulk. When this bulk is inside your stomach, you will naturally have a feeling of fullness. If you take Metamucil before a meal, the fiber occupies space in your stomach, making you feel full so that you will eat smaller portions during your meal. A diet high in fiber is important in your maintaining digestive regularity. Other foods that are rich in fiber are oats, celery, bran and rasberries. It can help you with you feel constipated. The fiber helps the food move along efficiently.

So, there is a side benefit in appetite suppression. However, it must be pointed out that Metamucil should not be the sole method to use in any weight loss plan. Taking a huge amount of it everyday can lead to deficiencies in vitamins because the nutrients are flushed away from your system. Metamucil in itself is not high in any essential vitamins. So, you must be sure to eat well-balanced, healthy diet with foods from the four food groups.

How should you take Metamucil? Metamucil can be obtained in several forms: as a powder, a wafer, or as a capsule. With the powder and the wafer, you mix it with water and drink it. With the capsule, you just take it with water. A average adult should take two to six capsules, which come out to be one to three teaspoons. The manufacturer recommends that this supplement be taken three to four times a day with a full cup of water.

When you talk about the Metamucil weight loss approach, just remember that it can be used as part of a customized weight loss plan. A low-fat, low-sugar, low-salt diet and regular exercise are still two critical components in any weight loss program. Consultation with your doctor is also very important.

If you tend to feel hungry between meals and are always tempted to serve yourself bigger portions of food, taking some Metamucil before you eat may help. Try that for a week to see how your body adjusts to it. Different people have different responses to certain methods. So, you should find the method that works best for you.

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