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Adios Weight Loss – A Herbal Slimming Aid

If you want to achieve that perfect body shape but you are not sure how to go about it, Adios Weight Loss is the answer to all your weight loss, exercise, and healthy eating problems. On our beautiful interactive website, you can become part of an online community of women who make weight loss safely a part of their lifestyle. With lots of tips on how to lose weight and keep it off, exercise suggestions and even fashion tips for your particular body shape, you will soon have a slim and beautiful body that is healthy.

What body shape are you?

At My Adios, you can find out what body shape you have which will guide you to personalized diet and exercise tips and advice to suit your shape. Find out if you are a “juicy pear”, a ”curvy apple”, a “sexy hourglass” or a“splendid straight” shape with an easy quiz.

Adios For Weight Loss

Adios traditional herbal medicinal slimming aids contain a combination of natural herbal extracts like Dandelion, Butternut Bark, and dry extracts of Fucus and Boldo Leaf.

To boost a calorie controlled diet, Adios have introduced a new Quick Slim, delicious, nutritionally balanced and filling meal replacement shake. Quick and easy to make, its low 203 calories of strawberry deliciousness, taken twice a day, will quickly get you into shape to fit into that little black dress again.

Adios Max Tablets contain a higher concentration of Fucus, the ingredient which is most effective in helping you to slim down.


It is important to fit some form of exercise into your slimming plan. At Adios Weight Loss you will find lots of tips for exercises you can do indoors and outdoors to help you reach your weight loss goal.

10 quick weight loss tips from Adios

1. Chew your food slowly – it burns more calories and food is digested faster and better when mixed properly with the saliva in your mouth before swallowing.

2. Reward yourself with a treat for every pound you lose – just make sure its not something that will defeat your object.

3. Keep a journal and record your calorie intake on a daily basis as well as your successful losses.

4. Keep moving – make exercise part of your slimming plan to speed weight loss. With lots of tips from Adios, exercise does not have to be boring and strenuous.

5. Never skip breakfast. Make breakfast your best friend.

6. Shopping online for food avoids passing buy those tempting treats in the supermarket and you can plan your meals according to your goals.

7. Eat small meals 6 – 8 times during the day to avoid your body thinking that it is hungry.

8. A good night’s sleep helps keep away the unwanted pounds as your body will feel rested and not crave food to give it energy.

9. Eat smaller portions at mealtimes. If you use a smaller plate, it will trick your mind into thinking that it your body is having a full plate of food.

10. Replace tea and coffee with healthy green tea. Green tea will help speed up your metabolism and has an antioxidant effect on the liver to help it function more efficiently.

Adios Weight Loss welcomes you to your own personalized space on their website where you will be able to find out what your body shape is, create your “body double”, track your weight loss progress, and discover all the latest fashion styles to suit your new, slimmed down body shape.

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