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Abdominal Cardio Exercises To Improve Your Figure

Abdominal Cardio Exercises To Improve Your Figure

You’ve been doing crunches for a few weeks now without seeing any results, you may need to start adding more cardiovascular activities to your workout. Abdominal cardio exercises are a great way to lower your heart rate and cholesterol while improving your figure. Here are some workouts that you can start trying today.

In order to trim some of the fat from your abdominal muscles, you can start by taking a walk each day. This is a great way to help your food digest, and can really calm you down after a long, stressful day. Try taking about 20 minutes out each day to walk around the block in the evenings. You’ll find that you’re sleeping better, and you’ll start to see a difference in your waistline as well. When you stop feeling a difference from the 20 minute workout, you should increase your abdominal cardio exercises to 30 minutes. Your body will start to build up resistance when you are more active, and in a few weeks, you could be running a couple of miles each day.

Now that you’ve seen the fat melting away from your body, you may want to try doing some abdominal cardio exercises on an exercise ball. You can lie on your back on the ball and do some basic crunches. This will provide some additional resistance to your muscles that you may not feel just by doing the exercise on the floor. You can also stretch the muscles in your stomach more completely on the exercise ball, and you can complete some aerobic exercises using this equipment as well. There are plenty of places to get some great exercise videos and DVDs, and you can also find some great exercise tips online; visit or YouTube for some detailed instructions.

Abdominal cardio exercises can also be done on the treadmill or elliptical machine. When you’re on the treadmill, you can create a program that will target your abs while you’re trying to achieve a healthy heart rate for your age and weight. Increase the incline on your treadmill, so that you can start working the lower muscles in your abs and tone your core while you’re getting your thighs and legs in shape. The elliptical machine forces your body into a running or skiing position, so your abs will be worked automatically. You can also adjust the settings on the machine so that the resistance will change every few minutes, giving your abdominal muscles enough time to work and rest in intervals.

Abdominal cardio exercises are also much more effective when you’re eating right. Get enough fruits and vegetables in your diet each day, drink plenty of water, and get rid of simple sugars. The right diet, as well as a great cardio exercise program, will put you in great shape in a matter of weeks.

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