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The First Week of Quitting Smoking: A Plan

Smoking is a hard thing to quit. Nicotine is addictive, as you know, but the entire habit is something many people miss. If you've quit before you know how hard it is. Strong people have not been able to quite smoking. Studies have shown, though, that if you make it through one week, you are likely to stop for good. Therefore, here's a plan to help you get through that first week so you can finally quit smoking.

Commit to quit. This is paramount. If you make a decision that you are quitting smoking no matter what, it's going to happen for you. It's a physical addiction, but the mind has a lot to say about it as well. Wake yourself with a pep talk about how great you feel now that you have decided to quit, and remind yourself why you are quitting in the first place. When you have a compelling reason to quit, it will carry you through.

Avoid the same old spots for a while. If you keep putting yourself in the same positions you used to be, it's going to be hard to make you change. That's why you need to avoid the people you used to smoke with and the places you used to go. Not forever; just until you have been without a cigarette for a while and see much better you feel.

If you want to stave off cravings, start using healthy snacks. Find tasty healthy snacks that you enjoy and can eat a lot of. You may be tempted to fill your mouth with junk food, but you must remember that you don't want to pick up another bad habit. Simply work on eating a healthy diet so that if you splurge it will be ok.

Talk to people in your position. People who have quit or are in the process of quitting can give you a perspective that you understand, and what's more than that, they can give you input and suggestions that other people just really don't have. You can make new friends who don't have smoking in common, and you'll find that it is preferable.

Monitor all the good things that happen as a result of your decision to quit. For instance, you are saving money. You might take yourself on a little trip to celebrate that. You can probably smell things better as well. Be happy about coming back to life.

Distract yourself and try not to think about smoking. This is a big deal. If you're always thinking about the cigarette you want, you are not living your life. Instead, take this opportunity to fill the week with activities you enjoy that have nothing at all to do with cigarettes.

It is definitely hard to quit smoking, especially that first week. That's why, if you use the information here to help you, you are going to be more likely to succeed. Just keep your focus on what you want, and if you use the tips here, you can finally quit.

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