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Stop Smoking

6 Supplements To Your Quit-Smoking Plan

So, you've made up your mind to quit smoking, which is fantastic! Now you've got to figure out how to succeed, which will not be an easy task. Formulate a plan and think of different things that will help you; start with the following useful ideas.

1. Chewing nicotine gum. This can provide instant relief from the urge to smoke by releasing a small dose of nicotine into your system. It also helps take care of the oral fixation associated with quitting smoking. Make sure you read and follow the instructions and that you always have some gum with you no matter where you go or what you plan on doing.

2. Identify your smoking triggers. Certain things will make you crave a cigarette more than others, and you need to work to avoid them. Drinking alcohol is known to produce cravings for a cigarette, and you may need to stop until you have control over smoking. Unfortunately, sitting down to a meal or even enjoying a great cup of coffee will make you want to light-up as well; create a plan to counteract that strong urge to smoke.

3. Try the patch. Many people swear by the power of a nicotine patch, and it's certainly worth a try. Be sure and check with your doctor first and follow label warnings. You can sleep with a patch on and see if it contains your first morning urge, or use it at work and avoid smoking at lunch or on breaks. Get a feel for how it can work for you and formulate your strategy around that.

4. Take a few deep breaths. Go someplace quiet, close your eyes and focus on deep breathing; this process will remind you of the damage smoking does to your respiratory system as well as give you a couple of minutes to regain control. Especially if you lead a stressful lifestyle or work in management, you've got to be able to relax and effectively relieve the urge to smoke. Think about your typical day and how to work your plan into it.

5. Consider hypnosis or acupuncture. These methods have been proven successful for many and can at least give you a better edge over the power of cigarettes. Keep going back if you have to, and incorporate hypnosis and/or acupuncture into your schedule; it will serve as a constant reminder and source of strength. The more you fill your head with positive "can-do" thoughts, the better your chances of successfully quitting will be.

6. Stay busy. Sitting around twittering your thumbs will only drive you crazy wanting a cigarette; keep yourself as busy as possible throughout the day. Plan ahead for weekend activities that have you enjoying yourself in a smoke-free environment. Pick up a new hobby like painting, writing or something else that will keep your hands and head working on something other than that next smoke. Volunteer at a place that will be really appreciative of your help and remind you of the value of life and health, like a hospice or nursing home.

Add these tips to your quit-smoking plan and increase your chances of succeeding. You know you can do it, you simply have to find creative ways of enabling yourself to kick that nasty habit for good.

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