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Stop Smoking

The Tough Love and Demands to Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the most difficult habits to pick up when you are young and it only gets harder from there. Surprisingly, by the time you want to leave the habit behind and live a healthier life, it is not prepared to let you go! Nicotine is only the start, but once it enters the smoker's lungs, it is hard to think of anything else.

When you finally begin to lose the habit, one of the best motivational factors will be the obvious improvements within your health. You will immediately begin breathing easier, lighter, and more efficiently. Several years without a cigarette reduces the damage dealt to internal organs, such as the lungs, the throat, and the heart. If you begin cleaning up your act today, you can return to a state of well-being as impressive as the day before your first smoke.

Cold turkey may sound like a hero's way to quit, but it's not usually a reality and usually ends in irritable, annoyed smokers trying to find the next step. The key is to start planning ahead of time and develop a detailed plan that will act as your guide throughout the journey. Your plan should outline any major goals, rewards, numbers, and deadlines that you have set for yourself. If you line the schedule up perfectly, you will be able to gradually step down from your nicotine addiction and return to a normal lifestyle.

Launching an effort to stop smoking is a great thing, but it is only worth it if you are willing to commit completely to the process from start to finish. Many people are cohered or encouraged to attempt quitting before they are fully ready or prepared and as a result, they never truly commit to the work that will be required from the experience. If you aren't prepared to commit to the work and the promises you make from the start, you should expect to have an uphill battle with little-to-nothing your favor.

Initiating a great plan is only the beginning phase for the best-known strategies. If you are going to have a plan with obvious goals, deadlines, and dates, then you will need some method of tracking your progress along the way and comparing it to previous samples. Spreadsheets work very nicely, but there are also dedicated mathematics programs that specialize in charts, graphs, and other visual representations which will be useful for this particular set of data. If you have neither, pencil and paper will work fine. Track the number of cigarettes you smoke, the exercise you receive, and how well you feel in the afternoon when you lay down. Of course, that's only a few suggested measurements and you may always add more.

The path to quitting the habit is going to be a long, drawn out process that is constantly throwing you curve-balls when you are in the line of fire. If you manage to follow the advice given in this article, you should be able to judge most of these blows and come out a better person.

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