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Stop Smoking

Trying To Quit Smoking? These Tips May Help!

Most smokers have been smokers for many years. This addiction can be one of the hardest to break, but it is possible. With the right information, you can quit the habit that has had control of your life for so long. Use the tips below to assist you in your attempt to quit.

Figure out your reasoning behind the decision to quit. The more reasons you have, the better. Take those reasons and write them on sticky notes and post them in the places in which you crave cigarettes the most. If you have solid reasoning behind wanting to quit, these sticky notes will remind you each time you have the desire to light up.

Cold turkey works for some people, but not for most. The addictive properties in cigarettes are quite powerful. You are going to suffer serious withdrawal from chemicals like nicotine in the cigarettes. Even people with the strongest will power will have difficulty quitting with this method.

There are several different kinds of prescription medications that your doctor can recommend. Schedule an appointment to be seen by your general practitioner, they will do a full physical to be sure you do not have any ailments that could be negatively impacted by the medications. They will then write you a script for the medication that will fit your needs best.

Finding new ways to deal with the stress in your life will help. If you can reduce the effects that stress has on your life, you will not feel the need for a cigarette as often. Many smokers turn to a cigarette in high stress situations, so an alternative will mean less temptation to smoke.

Take a few days to completely clean your house. If you eliminate all of the ashtrays and lighters and get the smell of cigarettes out of the home, you will have fewer cravings to deal with. Just waking up each morning in a house that smells of cigarette smoke will make it far more difficult for you to start your day without lighting up.

Tell your friends and family that you are making an attempt to quit smoking. This way, they are more understanding if you are to lash out and those who smoke will know to avoid smoking around you. It will be easier if you have the support of everyone around you during this difficult time.

There is a good chance that you will relapse at some point. Do not give up! Most smokers will relapse on average three times before they quit for good. If you have broke down and bought a pack, throw it away. Do not keep the extra cigarettes around or you will be more tempted to smoke another and then one more and so on until the entire pack is gone.

The benefits of quitting far overpower the struggles that you will go through during this time. You can do it if you stay strong and keep your reasoning in mind each and every day.