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Transform Your Look With Eye Makeup

Whether you’re looking for a subtle way to play up your eyes for work during the day, or a bold dramatic look for the evening, the right eye makeup is an important tool when it comes to transforming your look. In order to find the right shades and blends for you, here are a few cosmetic brands that you may want to try.

If you want to play with more than one color at a time, you may want to try the eye makeup collections from Mary Kay. You’ll find a variety of blue and green shades, as well as violet and neutral or brown hues that you’ll love, and when you visit, you’ll be able to match your eye color up with the right makeup for you. Mary Kay eye makeup is also safe for people with sensitive skin in most cases, so it may be safe for you to try even if you’ve experienced irritation from eye shadows in the past.

For bold, rich colors that you can use day or night, you may also want to check out eye makeup from Mac. The company offers great colors like Pink Source, which is great for both day and evening, and Fig, which is a light purple shade that will suit evening wear beautifully. When you visit a Mac store, the associates will help you find the right eye shadow trio for your eye color, and will teach you about makeup application on the spot. It may also be a good idea to pick up some volumizing mascara for a complete eye makeover. You can find out more by visiting

If you have extremely sensitive eyes, or experience conditions like fibromyalgia, you’ll definitely want to see what Paula Choice and Cleure has to offer. These brands are salicylates free, and are also natural, so you won’t have to worry about your eyes burning or itching, even if you’ve had your makeup on for a while. You can choose the shades and pallets that you want by visiting or

Of course, there are also great brands of eye makeup that you can find in your local department or discount stores, such as the shade trios from Maybeline, Almay, and Cover Girl. These brands are extremely affordable, and will give your eyes that dramatic effect you’re looking for.

For more great information on finding the perfect eye makeup for you at prices you can afford, be sure to visit, and for more selections and great deals.

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