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Effective Back Acne Scar Treatment

Beating back acne can be a feat, but dealing with the back acne scar is a totally different story. While some may think that acne being at the back is already a consolation, those who are afflicted with back acne scar will tell you how it can erode one’s confidence and disposition. Women are in danger of suffering from poor body image (if back acne is thought of as a liability) that must influence their clothing as well as social options. While such social and psychological setbacks remain to be debatable, the truth remains that back acne scar is not welcome on men and especially women. With such concern, what can one do about it?

A lot of people have back acne problems. Precautions may be stepped up but nothing is guaranteed. It is important to look for help immediately and not to ignore the problem. Professional help and remedies are needed if the condition is already in its advanced level. Only acne that has persisted for over 3 years are susceptible to scarring which means that back acne scar is a tell-tale sign of neglect.

There are home remedies that are very effective in preventing and curing scars so financial incapacity isn’t really a problem. What one needs to find out are which home stuff can be used and how must these be prepared. Some frequently mentioned home solutions are lemon, baking soda and olive oil. The internet can be of help in gathering information, while the home and or even a garden can help in providing for ingredients. Even cosmeceutically prepared creams, serums and lotions can be researched on first before embarking on spending on something that may not really help or meet expectations based on product claims. Stronger solutions like Roaccutane and Retin-A can be handled by back acne better than the facial acne because the skin is tougher.

If nothing works, then you may already consider dermatological procedures such as chemical peels, dermabasion, microdermabasion, excision, keloid scar therapy, and taking of various supplements. The more insidious protocols such as laser treatment and surgery may be opted for as a last choice. Those procedures are not only very expensive but also hazardous.

Prevention is best but if back acne scar is there already, there is always hope.

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