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Avoid Common Weight Loss Pitfalls

Many popular weight loss strategies actually just set you up to fail. You do not want to invest your time, energy, emotion, and money into a plan that is going to end up leaving you disappointed. You need to have a plan that gets you off the weight loss roller coaster and sets you up for success. The tips below will help you to spot and avoid the typical weight loss pitfalls.

Pitfall #1

Feeling like there is nothing enjoyable to eat. Many diet plans make you feel as if you cannot eat anything that tastes good or that you really enjoy. If you go into a diet believing you are going to have to eat only bland, tasteless food, you are sure to fail. There are lots of healthy, low-calorie foods that taste great too. If your diet plan does not offer them, then it is not the plan you want.

Pitfall #2

Losing weight only to gain it right back. Perhaps you have had the experience that so many dieters have had of losing a lot of weight and then gaining it all back and then some. This is such a common occurrence for several reasons. Many times the weight loss was achieved by means that are not possible to sustain day in and day out for the rest of your life. In addition, most diets do not have good guidance for maintenance plans. Make sure you choose a weight loss plan that takes the weight off slowly using techniques you can continue even after you are at your ideal weight.

Pitfall #3

Giving up when you fall off your diet plan. You may be an all-or-nothing thinker who feels like one stumble means total failure. Since many diet plans rely on shaming you when you do not stick to the rules completely, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking you have blown the whole thing by messing up once. Give yourself permission to mess up, brush yourself off, and get up and get going again. A realistic and ultimately successful diet plan consists of a series of several instances of going off track and getting right back to it again.

Pitfall #4

Believing you cannot afford to diet. Since so many diet plans and clubs are outrageously expensive, you may have developed the idea that you cannot afford to do what it takes to lose weight. However, you can eat better, move more, and lose weight without breaking the bank. Good, healthy food does not have to be expensive, and you do not necessarily need to join an expensive club to lose weight. You can diet on your own, enlist the aid of a friend, or join a weight loss group like TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) that charges very little money.

As you can see, your perceived weight loss failures are really your diets failing you. It can be confusing to follow a fad diet and expensive to join some weight loss plans. Now that you know some of the most common weight loss pitfalls, you are better equipped to develop a strategy that will work for you long term. Knowing what missteps to avoid, you can get busy losing weight and keeping it off for good.

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