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Metformin and Weight Loss

If you have ever been diagnosed with having diabetes, your doctor may have prescribed a drug by the name of metformin. If you have type I or type II diabetes, this drug is often prescribed in conjunction with whatever medications you are taking, even if you are currently using insulin injections. There are some individuals that may be allergic to this type of medication, and those that are suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis should certainly not take this prescription med at all. Essentially, this drug has the ability to lower your blood sugar levels quite rapidly, and with those that are pursuing ketosis or a ketogenic diet, it has been shown to work wonders by essentially forcing your body to utilize your fat reserves. In this article we will look at both the advantages, and disadvantages, of using metformin and weight loss programs together.

The Benefits Of Using Metformin For Weight Loss

After you get a prescription from your doctor for metformin, which can be obtained if you have been diagnosed as a diabetic, you may start to see a dramatic change in your ability to maintain your existing weight. You must make sure that you do not get the extended release tab simply because it does not have the same type of synergistic effects. It works in combination with a low carbohydrates diet. Essentially, the less carbs that you put into your body which can be converted into sugar, and stored as fat, the easier it will be for the metformin to eliminate the fat that you have. It is also important for you to have an exercise program which can help you lose the weight even faster. Essentially, the metformin is designed to prevent over storage of fat in your body, giving you a fair chance of losing weight through proper dieting and exercising.

The Disadvantages Of Using Metformin For Weight Loss

There are several disadvantages to using metformin and weight loss plans together. One of the most notable side effects are gastrointestinal problems. You may develop an incessant need to vomit on a regular basis. Many people have abdominal pain as a result of taking this drug. They may also develop diarrhea within days of taking the substance. These are just a few of the more common side effects associated with taking metformin as a supplement to help you move toward your weight loss goals.

In conclusion, although metformin is used to help monitor blood sugar levels within your system, something that is extremely beneficial for people that are suffering from type II diabetes were even type I, if your primary goal is to limit the amount of blood sugar in your system so that it is not readily converted to fat, and also sustaining a low-carb diet at the same time, it could lead to adverse reactions such as vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea which will make pursuing your goals of weight loss very difficult to obtain. Hopefully this information on metformin and weight loss will alert you to the fact that the side effects may not merit the benefits of this prescription drug that is used by many people today.

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