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´╗┐Treatment For Acne and Blemishes

When you have blemishes, there are many options for treatment; acne can be cured during outbreaks. Some treatments can even prevent you from getting pimples. You will need to be consistent when using these options for treatment; acne can come back quickly depending on your cause for outbreaks.

Explanation behind Outbreaks

If your outbreaks tend to appear during certain times of the month if you are a woman then it is probably due to hormonal changes. Options for treatment, acne can be beat with vary. Some topical medications work well with hormones because it dries up the pimple quickly and you only need to treat it once a month.

Outbreaks can be caused by stress. When under stress and using treatment, acne can usually overcome it. Stress will not leave once you start taking medication for your blemishes unless the pimples are the cause of your stress. You will need to take steps to relieve your stress so your outbreaks become less severe.

Blemish Treatment, Acne Options for you

So you have acne and now you want to get rid of it with treatment. Acne can be stubborn to cure but with perseverance and continued use of medication, your pimples will go ahead and stay away. The first thing to remember is that you didn't do anything to your face to cause your acne. This is usually due to internal physiological processes.

If you have tried all of the over the counter options, you may need to seek other treatment. Acne can be also cured with prescription medications that only a physician or dermatologist can prescribe. Your dermatologist will ask you some questions to see why you have outbreaks and then rule out any potential environmental causes. Sometimes acne can be caused by washing your face too much or humid weather.

Your dermatologist will then prescribe you an oral medication or a topical medication and sometimes both if your case is severe. The oral antibiotic will help get rid of bacteria that is living and multiplying in your pores. This treatment, acne will begin to slow down because this bacterium is the major cause for blemishes. The topical medication will have higher concentration of Benzoyl Peroxide or Sacillyc Acid that you normally find in the store. Some people respond to these higher levels of medication better than the lower doses. There are also other types of acne fighting medications like Differin so you doctor will probably let you know that if the first medication doesn't work you will have to make another appointment to receive further evaluation.

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