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Discovering Healing Herbs To Improve Your Health

Discovering Healing Herbs To Improve Your Health

There are plenty of healing herbs that can help to improve the quality of your health and also that of your life overall. Research studies have proven that herbs do help the process of healing and can prevent the onset of some illnesses. There are plenty of natural remedies that you will have to find out about on your own as your doctor is not likely to tell you about them. Let us take the time to discover some of these amazing herbs together!

If you are looking for a cream or ointment for a cut, bruise or burn, then head for your nearest health food store and look for a tube of arnica. Both creams and ointments are made from this herb which promotes the healing of injuries that give way to swelling and any type of inflammation. It can also be used to relieve the discomfort of sore muscles, sprains, strains, bursitis and tendinitis. It has also been known to help those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. The one rule you must adhere to when it comes to arnica is to never use it on skin that is broken, bleeding or oozing.

Bromelain is a kind of enzyme and herb that comes from pineapple stems. Bromelain supplements can aid the digestive process in being as smooth as ever. It breaks down food making it easier to digest. Supplements are particularly beneficial for those who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease or frequent flatulence. This herb has other useful functions as well. It is good for soreness in the muscles, bee stings and for bruising of the skin. It is also effective at reducing swelling and inflammation because it blocks the chemicals in the body that are emitted when an injury or illness occurs.

When flu season is drawing near you probably make sure that you have Echinacea and /or Goldenseal on hand but what about Elderberry and Elderflower? These are two herbs that you need to get acquainted with before you get sick this winter! Sambucol is a concentrated extract of elderberries that can help fight the symptoms of the flu. In order to strengthen your immune system and to reduce the amount of time you will be sick, take a tablespoon of this herb three to four times a day for a period of three to five days. Elderflowers are beneficial this time of year as well. Having a jar of Elderflowers around is recommended because you can make it into a tea. The tea will encourage your body to sweat which will in turn help your fever to break.

Speaking of tea, here is another herb that can be brewed as a tea and can help you to be a healthier person. Lemon Balm has been around for generations and is recommended to treat shingles and insomnia. If it is combined with crushed fennel seeds and dandelion root then it is also beneficial for those who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease. Lemon Balm is composed of a compound that is excellent at fighting viruses. It is also good to have around when you develop a core sore. This herb can be purchased as a concentrated ointment to speed the healing of painful cold sores.

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