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HCG Weight Loss: An Overview Of The Controversial Weight Loss Technique

Many would ask, what is HCG weight loss all about? Well, it is a current weight loss fad that has increasingly gained popularity today. It has been a hot issue because of its claims of rapid weight loss wherein the disputes and debates have made the product popular. As promised, the person can lose 1-3 pounds per day, which HCG weight loss and diet program have lured many followers.

What is HCG weight loss?

“Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin” is the medical term for HCG. This is a hormone produced by the placental cells during the first trimester of pregnancy. A person taking HCG diet is expected to take some HCG hormonal injections along with the limited diet of 500 calories a day. This consists of two types of methods. One is HCG injection and the other is HCG sublingual tablets. Injections of HCG hormone are a lot costly while the oral HCG tablet is available in the market at very low cost.

As stated earlier, HCG weight loss programs have been gaining more recognition; though, there has yet to be an agreement among experts concerning its efficacy. Its promise of quick weight loss is considered uncertain by many, and HCG diet itself is being assessed for a lot of things.

As part of the inquiry about what is HCG weight loss, the most common concern is the daily intake of calories needed in order to achieved the desired weight. The 500-800 caloric intake of HCG diet is extremely far from the standard 1,500 calories needed by the human body every day. Though, HCG sponsors answer back with the disagreement that HCG hormone gives what is deficient from the daily caloric intake.

Losing about 1-3 pounds a day is again another hot topic regarding the claims of the HCG therapy. And if someone who underwent the therapy is good at it, is it also applicable to everyone? Despite the negative reviews about HCG diet method for weight loss, still there are online sites that remain passive in terms of its efficacy and usage. Yet no reliable scientific research has been competent to confirm these claims.

Today, the debates and disputes regarding what is HCG weight loss still continues to alarm a lot of people especially those who really want to try this diet. While many people confusingly resist with what to accept as true, it is constantly best to discuss with one’s general practitioner, whichever weight loss method one chooses.

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