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Three Major Nutrients For An Effective Diet Weight Loss Plan

Losing weight can be quite a challenge for most people especially when it comes to dieting. To have an effective diet weight loss plan, one must have some information on nutrients. The three major nutrients which include fats, carbohydrates and protein perform key functions in almost any diet weight loss plan. Having even just a bit of understanding about these calorie suppliers can help you make your own diet weight loss plan in no time.

A diet weight loss plan chooses complex carbohydrates well over simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are easy to digest and therefore can make a person feeling hungry from time to time. People who feed on simple carbohydrates such as fruit juices, white bread, sodas and junk foods are more apt to crave for food a few hours after meals. These craving tendencies are one big reason behind weight gain. Complex carbohydrates, in contrast, are harder to digest which makes an individual full a lot longer. Examples of complex carbohydrates are fruits and vegetables, brown rice and whole grain products.

Of the three major nutrients, fat is known as the most calorie-dense source of energy. Fat contains nine calories per gram whereas carbohydrates and protein contain only four calories per gram each. People need some fat in the diet. In reality, no individual can completely get rid of fat as there is virtually no such thing as a fat-free diet. Even fruits and vegetables have traces of fat. A diet weight loss plan, however, must include unsaturated fats (good fats) instead of Trans and saturated fats (bad fats). Good fats can be seen in natural, non-animal food items like avocado, nuts and seeds, and olive oil.

A diet weight loss plan would normally encourage a high protein, low card diet. Protein is an essential nutrient in any diet weight loss plan because of the role it plays in controlling hunger. Protein-rich foods require more energy to digest and metabolize, which means that a person has to burn more calories before it can be used. Protein likewise maintains the muscles while fat is shed. Some of the best sources of protein are fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, and milk.

Most people think that a diet weight loss plan is all about fasting and starvation. People need to eat in order to live. Carbohydrates, fat, and protein are very important nutrients that should be balanced so that you can shed the unwanted pounds successfully and healthily.

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