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Beach Tanning To Maintain A Healthy Skin

Beach Tanning To Maintain A Healthy Skin

If you want to tan in a natural environment without having to be closed up in a booth or tanning bed, then you may want to consider beach tanning. Here are some of the things you should do to prepare for your tan, as well as some products that will help you to maintain the health of your skin.

You can arrange to tan at the beach by finding a local beach in your area, making sure that you have adequate sunscreen, and finding a spot on the beach where there is enough shade to prevent sunburn, but enough sunlight to naturally tan the skin. You can also go to a private beach to tan, where you can lay out in the sun for equal amounts of time in order to give your skin the even glow that you want.

There are a number of beach tanning salons that have adopted the philosophy of the natural tan, and simulated the process in a spa setting. So, you can step into a booth or bed and feel like you’ve gotten your tan outside. The UVB and UVA rays that you will be exposed to in the booths are similar to the actual rays of the sun as well, which means that the light will penetrate both layers of the skin, but the tan will mainly affect the top layer of skin. This means that you will most likely have to ‘renew’ your tan every month or so, since skin cells tend to renew themselves every 30 days.

Some of the brands that you can trust when it comes to beach tanning are Emerald Bay, which offers quality sunscreen and moisturizers that will treat your whole body and protect your skin’s cells. You can also try California Tan and Fiji, which are brands that are used by celebrities in order to create a natural tan both indoors and out.

If you want to tan often, then you should definitely talk to your doctor about the precautions that you should take in order to avoid skin cancer. If you start to see an marks or moles on your skin that weren’t there before, it may be a sign that you need to stop tanning and see your doctor right away. You should also cut your tan short if you experience dizziness or trouble breathing as a result of being exposed to extreme heat. For more great information on beach tanning, as well as a list of possible questions or concerns that you may have before you enter the salon, you can visit sites like in order to get the information you need. Happy tanning!

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