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Why Is A Home Gym Better Than A Membership?

Why Is A Home Gym Better Than A Membership?The gym around the corner from your office is doing a lot of work to convince you to join, but there are better options out there for you. For instance, why not just build your own gym? Here are the best reasons why you should consider doing that instead of signing up for a gym membership.

No membership fees

Home gyms are great because once they’re built they don’t cost a dime. There are no contracts to sign and no money being pulled off your credit card every month. In actuality, a year or two of membership fees can pay for the average home gym and then leave some money to spare. Saved money is always good, isn’t it?

Your gym, your rules

Better yet, your gym and no rules. When you have a membership to a gym you have to read over a whole booklet of rules and even sign something saying you get it. Who cares? Build your own gym and do what you want. What does that mean? It means not having to relinquish the treadmill after a half hour during peak periods. It means not having to wipe down the stationary bike even though you didn’t break a sweat that time. It means no one watching your every move.

There are no posted hours

If you find a 24 hr gym you’re lucky, at least in a lot of towns. In big cities gyms that don’t close are scattered around here and there. Not that those are much use because at 2am when you wake up and feel like getting on the elliptical, you probably don’t feel like getting dressed, driving to a gym and then putting on gym clothes just to do it. Your gym doesn’t close and so you can use it when you want, even in your pyjamas.

No one telling you you’re fat

Never been to gym before? Then this probably sounds a little crazy to you. At a lot of paid gyms though, the staff are there to remind you that you aren’t looking as good as you want. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but not as much as you’d think. You see, when you sign up they give you a complimentary assessment in which they check you out just so they can let you know how much work you’ll need to do to look good. Then if you take on a trainer and miss a day, they’ll make sure you know why your shape makes that a bad idea. Not in your gym!

No waiting for machines

There’s nothing worse than finally getting yourself geared up to workout only to get to the gym and finding out the equipment you want isn’t available. Then you either have to go and settle for something else, or you have to sit there watching other people exercise so you can hop on the machine when they’re done. The only time you have to worry about this at your home gym is when your friend comes to workout there, but when that happens you can at least get them to bring some post-workout snacks.

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