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Body’s Natural Detoxification Process

Every being in this world is a marvel of engineering. Look at any being and you will find it adapts to its environment. Of these beings, the finest example is the human being of which has been studied and observed the most.

The body has its own way of throwing away the toxins from itself, after taking what it needs. That’s why once our food is digested and our water drunk, it excretes itself through the alimentary canal or through the urethra. This residue, when tested has been found to contain toxic substances that the body repelled. This is detoxification at its best.

To this wonderful body that we have, we create complications. We eat oily foods, greasy foods, fatty foods, foods high in calories but low in nutrition, use fatty substances like butter, instead of drinking plain water, we drink aerated, carbonated water or colas, use excessive alcohol, smoke, chew tobacco and of course, not to forget, strain our eyes with television, listen to music at deafening decibels and inhale stale, fetid, coarse air, straining our noses, reducing our taste buds’ function.

What have or are we doing to our bodies? We are creating toxins or poisons or unhealthy substances that the body is unable to digest. Yes, it digests it in small quantities but day in and day out when you indulge; the body’s immune system is unable to cope and is unable to perform the detoxification that it does every day.

This gives rise to a whole host of diseases: recurring sore throats, hoarse throats, difficulties in breathing, irregular bowel movement, inability to walk or even climb a small flight of stairs, possible diabetes, recurrent fever, burning sensation in the eyes, marginal or partial loss of hearing, well, the list continues endlessly.

So, how to do detoxification? We cannot give up our lives in the cities and towns because we have to earn our bread and butter and of course, jam. But we can certainly change our lifestyles. It does not take much.

All it requires is to give up certain habits that have become an addiction. Instead of having colas, take fruit juice instead. It provides the nutrients minus the chemicals in the colas. That’s a first! Drink lots of water, instead of coffee and tea (they dehydrate and yes they are addictive). By all means have your cup of coffee and tea – once in a while – not all the time. Water is the best way to help your body fight the toxins and help in detoxification. Reduce your red meat intake and substitute eggs, fish, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t drink alcohol. Stop smoking. Start exercising.

Once you start this, you are on your own way to detoxification because the human body is made to naturally detox itself. There are tons of products available online and sold over the TV that do nothing more than empty your colon. They’re good, but your body needs a complete detox which it gets when you exercise consistently and eat well. Detoxification of the human body isn’t a complicated thing. It is easy and natural.

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