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Green Tea For A Healthier Skin

For thousands of years drinking green tea has been seen to be beneficial to the Chinese and more recently to the rest of the humanity. Green tea benefits the body in so many ways like detoxification, as well as in preventing conditions like cancer, diseases of the heart and gums, and aging. Other than these enumerated benefits that one may derive from green tea, it is can do wonders for the skin too. There have been several reviews as to its effects when applied topically. So how can green tea benefits your skin?

  • Green Tea Fights Free Radicals

Free radicals are molecules which do not contain an electron. Thus they are unstable and when exposed to the harsh elements like the sun, the effects are seen as harsh skin manifestations. Green tea benefits include fighting free radicals by the use of catechins, a potent antioxidant.

  • Green Tea Counters UV Rays

In several studies it was shown that one of the green tea benefits include its ability to neutralize the damages done by UV rays on the skin. This is proven by a study done by Case Western Reserve University where green tea was applied topically as a protection of the skin against sunburn. Premature aging is happens as a consequence of free radicals like UV rays; using green tea protects and delays the signs of aging such as wrinkling.

  • Green Tea Prevents Skin Cancer

In a study conducted by the American Chemical Society, it was proven that one of the green tea benefits is that skin cancer can be prevented through blocking a harmful enzyme known as JUNK-2. Taking two cups of green tea a day is all it takes to diminish the risk of squamous cell carcinoma (a type of skin cancer) by as low as 65% as shown in a study in UK. To increase its anti-cancer properties, the drink may be combined with lemon.

Truly, there are so many green tea benefits on the skin. It does not, however, work like magic. To hasten its effects, it must be used frequently. Recognizing these green tea benefits on skin, one must harness what this Chinese beverage can offer to sustain the vigor of youth for as long as it takes.

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