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There are a whole lot weight loss programs out there that tout fast result, quick weight loss and pounds that seem to melt off over night. What about safe and lasting effectiveness? That's something that isn't advertised very often.

The reality is there aren't a whole lot of programs that bill these things as their main features because people don't want to hear the truth. In this day and age of fast-food restaurants and instant gratification, people want to see results quickly, no matter the price. It stands to reason, however, that since weight didn't come on overnight it won't go off that way either. With this in mind, some of the best weight loss programs actually work by helping people realize this while working with them to alter personal behaviors that lent to the weight gain in the first place.

Smart weight loss programs take a basic three-prong approach. They will address such things as:

Food intake

Many weight loss programs that have documented results will consider food intake as the first big obstacle to overcome. Whether they use point systems or extreme diet and portion control, the idea behind these programs is to limit the calories to less that what is being used by the body. This helps with weight loss. Good programs will ensure the body obtains the necessary calories and nutrients within the diets and might even allow for "splurging" once in a while to appease cravings. Altering food choice and portions and doing so smartly can become a last habit that helps take weight off now and keep it off in the future.


It's virtually impossible to lose weight and keep it off without adding some form of exercise into the mix. Good weight loss programs will speak to the virtues of exercise and even make recommendations on simple, fun things people can do to get active. Jumping rope in front of the television for 10 minutes a night is better than doing nothing. Anything that gets the heart pumping and the body moving can be of big benefit, not only for weight loss but overall health, as well.


Weight loss that is meant to last will require a bit of an attitude change. Making minor adjustments to diet and exercise and even outlook can be the key factor in bringing it all home. When attitude is changed and self-esteem is boosted, the results of weight loss programs that seek to help people alter their habits can be amazing.

There are all kinds of weight loss programs that offer and even deliver fast results, but those that tackle the three main areas can provide lasting change. With a bit of realism and dedication thrown into the mix, it's possible for many people to see the weight reduction they've been dreaming of.