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There are few people in the world that wouldn't like to drop an extra pound or two. Wanting to do this and actually making it happen, however, can be two very different things. With so many temptations and so little time to eat right and exercise, living with the weight is often seen as easier. Thanks to some good weight loss products, this doesn't have to be the case. It is important, however, that these products be used correctly and in moderation. They shouldn't be seen as the only answer when permanent weight loss is the desired outcome.

Weight loss products come in a lot of different forms. From drinks and powders to over the counter and even prescription medications, the options are many. Some will require medical advice to obtain and others can be picked up at almost any pharmacy or grocery store. Choosing what to take, how to take it and how long to do so can be very important.

When long-term weight loss and maintenance is the desired outcome, these options in weight loss products can help:

- Drinks, powders, bars and other food items: These weight loss products are designed to replace meals while including necessary nutrients. As long as the body is obtaining what it needs to maintain health, they can be a great choice for losing weight. The products, however, will likely need to be gradually replaced by wiser food choices and exercise.

- Over the counter medications: These drugs can help give the body the impression of being full. They are great for overcoming hunger pains during the first part of a dietary change, but they aren't generally considered a good idea over the long haul. Diet changes and exercise used in conjunction with these can provide for lasting results, especially if they are maintained after the medications are stopped.

- Prescription medications: These weight loss products are often considered the best of the best as far as helping people control appetite and food intake. They must come from a physician and they should be taken only as recommended. These are drugs and should not be used without extreme care. Most physicians will monitor patients while they are using these for not only weight loss, but also health maintenance. When used with exercise and dietary change, these prescriptions can have fantastic results, but they are not considered a permanent remedy.

Weight loss products are very easy to obtain, very easy to use and can produce great results. Those who want to use them should choose wisely and ensure that proper health maintenance is paid attention to, as well. For long-term weight loss and control, some diet and activity level changes should come into play as these are being used and even after they are discontinued.