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Most people would love to lose a few pounds. Some, however, need to drop a lot more to reach a healthy weight and keep it that way. When diet and exercise have had minimal results in the past, many turn to weight loss surgery.

While this form of surgery is gaining in popularity, many physicians recommend this only as a last resort. When every other option fails, weight loss surgery is worth considering. Gastric bypass surgery itself is considered permanent and it does come with some risks. Taking this option without weighing the facts and trying all the alternatives is generally not advised.

People who are considered good candidates for surgery are those who have tried diets, supplements and exercise combined. They will generally be those who are considered high risk for life-threatening diseases or those who have been sidelined from life by their obesity. Those with genetic conditions that cause obesity might also benefit from this surgery, but it's best for a doctor to make the final determination.

The risks involved with weight loss surgery are generally minimal, but some can be quite serious. It's important that potential patients acknowledge and understand these risks, which can include infection, embolism, peritonitis, vomiting, weakness and more. Doctors will generally go over all the potential risks and the likelihood of them happening well in advance of weight loss surgery. It is important for patients to understand they are possible.

Many patients who undergo weight loss surgery will find this method does work for helping drop the pounds, but it won't be a panacea. The surgery does have risks and complications and even as pounds are shed, diet and exercise must be maintained to improve overall appearance.

While gastric bypass is one of the biggest options in regard to weight loss surgery, it isn't the only choice out there. Cosmetic surgery might also work in the case of very localized excess fat, and it's very important to try every other possible measure first. Cosmetic options include such things as liposuction and even tucking. While these won't help keep weight off, they can improve appearance and help people gain control over the situation.

Anyone considering weight loss surgery should first explore other options while also consulting with a certified physician. This method is considered the last resort for effective weight loss and it should be weighed very seriously against other alternatives. The surgery results in permanent changes in the body and while in regard to weight loss it can be great, the other effects might not be as welcomed.