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As our world has becomes increasingly "fast" we expect to get things done quickly and efficiently with a maximum of time left over to enjoy and relax. We want to eat fast and then, hopefully, lose weight quickly with fast weight loss supplements. Most medical experts agree this is not the healthiest way to approach life.

At one end of our food chain, federal and state government agencies have made some effort to get food companies and fast food restaurants to diversify menus and market healthy food choices. This action is applauded by health experts, but with a note of caution. As one heart health expert wrote, government mandates are not the answer.

However we gain the weight, whether it is because of poor diet, heredity or home environment, we want to be able to shed pounds quickly, using fast weight loss supplements. While this may be a fine goal, in theory, it generally doesn't lead to a healthy lifestyle. With one in three U.S. citizens now obese, and more than 60 percent considered overweight by World Health Organization standards, medical experts are warning us that major changes in eating habits and physical activity are necessary for us to regain our original figures.

There are products that might qualify as fast weight loss supplements among more than 50 individual dietary supplements and more than 125 commercial combination products available for weight loss. As far back as 2004, studies found evidence of modest weight loss associated with ephedra-caffeine ingestion. But potentially serious adverse effects led the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ban the sale of these products.

Hoodia Gordonii, made from an African cactus, is being promoted by some as the fast weight loss supplement that will take us into the next century. Apparently, the substance in this plant fools your brain into believing you are full, making it easier to lose that excess weight.

Obesity is a complex health condition caused by several factors, including inherited family traits, diet choices, lack of exercise and psychological influences. Getting the weight off may require much more than the latest miracle fat burner or other products touted as fast weight loss supplements.

First, we have to understand what obesity really is. The dictionary definition of obesity states that it is simply "increased body weight due to excessive accumulation of fat." Humans and other mammals must have a natural energy reserve stored in the fatty tissue. However, this condition can increase to the point where it becomes a health concern. Basically, we need a certain amount of fat as stored energy and for insulating the body. Too much fat, which builds up over time, can lead to serious health problems.

That's why most reputable suppliers and nearly every health professional recommend talking with your doctor before starting to use fast weight loss supplements. In addition, every individual concerned with weight loss should gather plenty of information about this subject before choosing a supplement of any kind.