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Weight Loss Supplements

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The varied and dizzying subject of weight loss supplements can be more than a headache for the man or woman on the street. Improper use of weight loss supplements or the use of supplements that are not correct for a person's situation can lead to serious health complications.

That's why most reputable suppliers and nearly every health professional recommend talking with your doctor before starting to use weight loss supplements. In addition, every individual concerned with weight loss should gather plenty of information about this subject before choosing a supplement of any kind.

The choices for weight loss supplements range from products known as fat burners to appetite suppressants, and everything in between. There are commercially produced pills and powders in addition to herbal formulas in capsules, pills and concentrates. In a related area, herbal patches can be a convenient and effective method for taking natural health supplements without taking pills or liquids orally. They allow nutrients to be absorbed through the skin.

A place to start might be with one of the many books or Web sites that compare weight loss supplements. Many of these are written or supervised by knowledgeable doctors, nurses, or scientists and can be a good first step. As with all medical subjects, however, it may be best to take notes and ask a personal physician about the information.

For example, when some doctors, medical clinics and private laboratories conduct research on various weight loss supplements, the results show that some of the diet pills on the market are completely ineffective. In fact, one clinic found that a large number of diet pills have proven to be ineffective or even have serious side effects. Yet research has also identified a number of diet pills that offer the consumer value for money, with few or no side effects.

Weight loss supplements, diet pills, herbal powders and skin patches are widely available in retails stores, through pharmacies and through online suppliers. But this availability should not lead the consumer to think that every type of supplement offered is healthy and effective. In fact, one study shows that one person in every seven in the U.S. has used non-prescription weight loss supplements and didn't tell their doctor about it.

Almost two-thirds of those who used weight loss supplements in the hadn't talked with their doctors about it. Most medical professionals feel that this is risky behavior. Weight loss supplements and appetite suppressants aren't meant for everyone. People generally should not assume that supplements are safe or effective. Labeling these supplements as natural does not make that much difference in determining whether they are right for an individual. Organizations such as the American Heart Association highly recommend using weight loss supplements on with the advice and support of a personal physician.