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Weight Loss Supplements

´╗┐Natural Diet Pills and Weight Loss Supplements

The choices for natural diet pills and weight loss supplements range from products known as fat burners to products called appetite suppressants, and everything in between. There are commercially produced pills and powders in addition to herbal formulas in capsules, pills and concentrates. Herbal patches can be a convenient and effective method for taking natural health supplements without taking pills or liquids orally. They allow nutrients to be absorbed through the skin.

But what is the difference between natural diet pills and weight loss supplements and supplements made with non-natural ingredients? We might also ask what is the same?

A place to start might be with one of the many books that compare natural diet pills and weight loss supplements to other products. Many of these are written or supervised by knowledgeable doctors, nurses, or scientists and can be a good first step. As with all medical subjects, however, it may be best to take notes and ask a personal physician about the information.

Natural diet pills and weight loss supplements make up a huge portion dozens of supplements being sold. Harvard Medical School and the National Institutes of Health report that there are more than 50 individual dietary supplements and more than 125 commercial combination products available for weight loss. The number continues to grow.

First of all, it is important to remember that natural does not necessarily mean safe or effective. An M.D./professor who specializes in toxic substances at the University of Pennsylvania reminds us that natural does not always mean safe. In fact, some of the most toxic substances known to man are naturally occurring substances. This list includes toxin-producing molds, spiders, amphibians and even fireflies. Even the age-old remedy of castor can be toxic at the right levels.

A second thing to remember is that several companies have recently been ordered to pay millions of dollars in fines and fees because of false weight loss claims. This could be the case with natural diet pills and weight loss supplements or with products using non-natural ingredients. It might even apply to the latest and greatest products (according to the advertising) such as hoodia gordonii. Made from an African cactus, this item is being promoted by some as the product among natural diet pills and weight loss supplements that will take us into the next century. Apparently, the substance in this plant fools your brain into believing you are full, making it easier to lose that excess weight.

Even natural diet pills and weight loss supplements aren't meant for everyone. People should not assume that all supplements are safe or effective. Labeling these supplements as natural does not make that much difference in determining whether they are right for an individual. Organizations such as the American Heart Association highly recommend using weight loss supplements with the advice and support of a personal physician.