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Weight Loss Myths Explained

When it comes to weight loss, all kinds of information exists. Some of this information is good. Some is not. The below article will help explain some of the weight loss myths that are circulating.

One myth that is going around is that each person has the same metabolic type. This simply is not true. Due to evolution, our bodies have adapted based on the environment of our ancestors. The diet that is right for you may not be right for another person based on our genetics. There are all kinds of metabolic types that exist. Do some research to determine your metabolic type, and aim to follow a diet that best matches your type.

Another myth that has become extremely widespread is the fact that carbohydrates are evil. This simply is not the case. There are two types of carbohydrates that exist. There are the “good” carbohydrates that our body needs for energy, including green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, etc. Then, there are the “bad” carbohydrates that drain the energy from our bodies and can actually store fat. These include bread, pasta, sweets, etc. For the most part, it is common sense. Limit your consumption of the bad type of carbohydrates and replace them with the good carbohydrates. By doing this, you should notice the weight dropping off your body.

Many people believe that simply consuming a very low number of calories below the amount your body needs will cause you to lose weight. While this is true to an extent, you cannot drastically reduce your caloric intake. Calories are not necessarily bad for our bodies. Our bodies need fuel in order to function correctly. If you reduce your caloric intake too greatly, your body could go into “starvation mode.” This will cause your metabolism to slow down to a crawl and will store all the food you eat as body fat. Keep in mind that the equation “Calories In – Calories Out” is indeed true. Although you may think reducing your “Calories In” will hep you lose weight, this can also cause your “Calories Out” number to significantly drop as well. Therefore, you won’t be making any progress. Instead, aim to gradually reduce your caloric intake, as well as eat healthy and regularly exercise so that your “Calories Out” number remains high, causing you to lose weight.

Finally, some places claim that you can lose fat from any body part that you want. This simply cannot be done. Your body loses fat in a random order, based on your genetics. Although you may want to get rid of your fatty midsection, the truth is that you may have to eliminate the fat from other parts of your body before fat comes off your midsection. All you can do is continue to burn fat from your entire body, and do strength exercises on the problem areas in order to firm the area up. If you continue to work hard, the fat off your trouble area will eventually go away.

As the above article has shown, all types of myths concerning weight loss exist. You should avoid them at all costs. Apply the advice from the above article in order to do this and lose all the weight you want to lose.

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