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Upper Abdominal Exercises To Get In Shape

Upper Abdominal Exercises To Get In Shape

Getting your abdominal muscles to look just the way you want them will definitely take some hard work and dedication. But you’ll need to figure out which upper abdominal exercises will work best for your workout routine. If you’re not sure how to get started, these exercise positions can help to get your started.

Of course, you can always start your upper abdominal exercises with the basic crunch. Just make sure that you’re lying on a level surface, and be sure to keep your knees bent. Give your neck and shoulders enough support, and when you bring your upper body up, you should keep your middle and lower back planted firmly on the floor. You can start doing about 20 or 25 crunches each day, and increase the number as you feel more comfortable.

You may also want to try upper abdominal exercises like the double crunch. You’ll start the exercise in a similar position to the basic crunch, but when you bring your upper back off the ground, you’ll also be bending your knees to your chest. This will work both the upper and lower muscles of your abdominals, and you may start to see results a little quicker.

If you want to do some upper abdominal exercises that will also work your upper arms, you can add the extended arms crunch to your workout routine. Get into the basic crunch position, and raise your arm above your head when you’re doing the crunch. This will help to tone your biceps, and will do a good job of stretching your arm muscles if you’ve been doing some weight training.

The butterfly crunch is another one of the upper abdominal exercises you can try. Your legs should be open for this exercise, and your knees are bent, with the soles of your feet touching each other. Make sure that your shoulders are on the floor, but leave your lower and middle back planted firmly on the floor when you’re doing the crunches.

All of these upper abdominal exercises should be done in conjunction with cardiovascular activity as well. The more intense your cardio, the quicker you’ll see results in your abs. You can start by walking through the neighborhood a few times a week, but eventually you should be going a couple of miles each day on your treadmill. This will not only keep your body looking great, but will improve the condition of your heart, and decrease your chances of heart attack or stroke. If you want more great ideas for upper abdominal exercises, you can visit the Fit TV website for more details workout videos that will get you in great shape in no time.

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