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Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Diet Review

There are countless weight loss, fat loss, low calorie, and low carb diets and programs all over the web and it’s hard to decide which one is the best among them. This is so because most of these programs follow the same methods, advertise the same kinds of products with different brand names, and talk about the same reasons and weight loss facts that answer the questions regarding ineffective weight loss and fat loss.

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A lot of reviews have been done as well to give people an idea of what’s coming their way if they take part in a particular weight loss program, which is very helpful especially for people who are entering this industry for the first time. Therefore, we hope that this review will be a helpful guide for people who are interested in Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst’s Top Secret Fat Loss Secret.

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How Does It Work?

Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst is known as the “TV Lady Doctor” who exposes the truth regarding weight loss and why people find it so difficult to lose weight. According to her, it is not in the diet nor is it the person’s will power that’s causing the prolonged weight gain. She explains that it is because of the harmful plaque and bacteria found in one’s bowels and stomach that’s keeping people from losing weight. These organisms release chemical signals that can make you crave for foods that you would not normally desire. But when these parasites are cleansed out, you will lose your desire for fattening, unhealthy foods. In turn, you will get rid of extra body fat and lose weight in less time.

What’s In It?

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Diet ReviewAs you read through Suzanne Gudakunst’s Top Secret Fat Loss Secret guide, guide, you’ll be looking at shocking pictures of these plaques and bacteria, so make sure you brace yourself for these controversial pictures in case you feel nauseous and disgusted just looking at them. This approach to weight loss is entirely different and actually caught some people off guard as they normally are told that it is the food that they eat or the lack of exercise that’s causing them to stay overweight.

One of the interesting points stressed is the possibility that people who are into weight loss have been lied to by doctors, health and weight loss companies, and the so-called health gurus all this time in order for them to keep getting richer and richer. This is through the diet programs, diet products, and dietary plans being sold in the market through fancy websites, generated testimonials, and even airings in CNN and other popular TV networks.

She emphasizes the need to stop buying diet products, plans, and programs that are not only expensive but also dangerous for the body, something that nobody would want. Though it may seem rather contradictory since she herself is selling e-books and products online, it’s safe to say that it’s worth reading since her approach is far different from the rest.

Within her guide, you will find the first few pages talking about the weight loss plan you should go on. You will find the chapter on “Metabolic Type Plan” very refreshing as she shares with you the various metabolic types and how you can identify yours. Basically, it tells you what kind of food your body will burn well according to your metabolic type. With this information, you can make adjustments to your eating habits.

Here’s the gist of the “secret” in her blueprint where she reveals that fat around the mid-section, thigh and buttocks is a sign of fat and toxin build up and liver malfunctioning. You will learn the detox method to cleanse both your liver and colon and flush those stubborn fat out of your system.

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Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is a detox program designed to cleanse your body of impurities, toxin and critters. Overall, the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is a product that people who engage in weight loss should consider since it has a biological approach to it. The product has proven to be effective as well as her own assurances in the form of a 100% money back guarantee.

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