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Top Safe Diet Pills: Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia gordonii is marketed as one of the top safe diet pills that is also very effective in helping people to lose weight. It has become well known over the last couple of decades and many people have taken it. However, there are some issues that people should be aware of before beginning to take hoodia natural weight loss supplements. We’ll look at those in this article.

What Is Hoodia?

Hoodia gordonii is the botanical name for a succulent plant found in the Kalahari desert in Africa. It looks like a cactus. It has long been used by bushmen who eat the bitter-tasting stem when hunting or in times of famine, to take the edge off their hunger.

Hoodia For Weight Loss: How It Works

The simplest way to explain how hoodia works is to describe it as an appetite suppressant. It tricks the brain into thinking that it already has enough energy in the form of glucose, so we don’t get ‘hungry signals’.

Independent studies carried out on animals have found that hoodia’s active ingredient, known as P57, caused animals to eat less when it was injected into the brain. A small study of human volunteers carried out by a manufacturer of P57 showed that hoodia supplements reduced the food intake of people who were previously overeating by an average of 1000 calories a day. That’s not an independent study of course, but it’s pretty amazing!

Side Effects

For a person in good health, there are no known side effects of hoodia. There has not yet been time to research the effects of long term use in humans, but it is a substance that has been taken by the bushmen of the Kalahari desert for centuries without identifiable side effects. That’s why it’s promoted as one of the top safe diet pills.

However, hoodia may have negative effects for people with certain diseases or taking certain medications. Mostly these are unwanted effects of its beneficial actions. For example, eating less means having lower blood sugar levels. For most people this is a good thing but for a diabetic who is taking insulin or other medications, it could result in hypoglycemic episodes if the medications are not adjusted.

Hoodia can stop people feeling thirsty as well as hungry. In Africa, this sometimes leads to people dying of dehydration because they go without water for too long after eating the plant. If you take it as a weight loss supplement, be sure to continue to drink your regulation 8 glasses of water a day, even if you don’t feel any thirst.

Other Issues

There is a problem with supply which means that low quality hoodia weight loss supplements can be less effective. Hoodia is not easy to extract, the plant is rare and it is difficult and expensive to produce it in the laboratory. Therefore, some manufacturers cut corners. Their supplements do not contain as much hoodia as they claim – maybe even none at all. Therefore, it is very important to order a top quality hoodia weight loss supplement from a reputable supplier.

With a good quality source, it seems to us that most overweight people who are in good health could benefit from taking hoodia. Provided a person takes steps to prevent dehydration, we can conclude that hoodia is one of the top safe diet pills.

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