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There Is Money To Be Made In Discovering The Cause Of Acne

The world of acne and acne treatments is a tricky one. There are many different kinds of acne treatments on the market today, and some of them even call for prescriptions. Despite this, the condition doesn’t seem to be going away. While many are treated for it, and while many lucky people get to report lessening symptoms, generally, acne is still a dominant blemish among people in their adolescence.

So why is that? As an ailment, acne has been around for so long you’d figure that science would be farther ahead of it. Since this condition that has so many touted treatments, it should be safe to say that it should be a much less dominant thing. None of that is true, of course, which many find to be strange seeing as science has come so far in curing many other things over the last century.

What makes it even stranger is that acne isn’t a virus. The flu, a virus, is tricky to cure because it is an ever evolving thing. As a virus, it spreads from person to person and develops survival defenses on the way. Acne is far from being anything like that. Acne should therefore, be much easier to treat.

The problem? Well, the problem is that for all the research that has been done, no one actually knows what causes acne. For years scientists have been examining the issue closely. There has been a lot of information learned about it as a result. Over the years there have been leads developed and theories brought forward, but the overall explanation as to why pimples appear is a mystery.

The sudden introduction of sex hormones into the body is known to be part or the cause. In and of itself, though, it isn’t the reason why the condition exists. Further, it’s hardly something that anyone is going to want to “cure”.

All the medications that do exist aren’t actually built on treating an exact cause. For the most part, they merely treat the symptoms. This is why these drugs are treatments and not preventative. Those creams and pills that claim to be otherwise are either making false statements, or twisting around the truths.

People don’t often understand this, because many are under the impression that the causes of acne have been known for a long time. Unfortunately, that belief stems from a great deal of misinformation. Certain foods, for instance, have been named as acne causes, and so people believe that points to real knowledge. The truth is that this “knowledge” is mostly rooted in urban legend.

Rest assured though, there are a lot of people working on changing the playing field. With such a lot of money to be made off of curing acne, research is constantly being done. In fact, pimple treatments make up an incredibly profitable industry, and so you’ll be surprised to find out how much is actually spent on furthering acne research year in and year out. Because of that, it might not be too much longer until the truth about the causes of acne becomes known.

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