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The Seven Deadly Sins of Women Dieters

Losing weight seems like a never-ending battle for many women, but this is often due to taking the wrong approach. The advice in the following article will guide you to finally losing those extra pounds and keeping them off, by avoiding a repeat of past mistakes.

1. Starving yourself

Nutrition must always come first; cutting calories does not mean sacrificing your health! You cannot skip meals or live on grapefruit and water, nor can you employ any other unhealthy means of weight loss and expect to maintain a consistent physical state. Going to any extreme is just not good for you, so plan a healthy course of action and stick with it.

2. Being unrealistic

Setting goals that are too lofty sets you up for failure, and that can lead to perpetual discouragement. Be wise about the expectations you have for yourself and the timeline you set for achieving them. As nice as it would be to be able to drop pounds quickly and easily, losing weight requires a lot of hard work, determination and time.

3. Going it alone

Finding a weight-loss friend not only dramatically increases your chances for success, but it makes that road so much easier. Have a friend to encourage you and keep you on the straight and narrow, and for whom you can do likewise can almost make dieting fun! Cheer each other on, exchange stories of resisting the late-night refrigerator raid and most definitely compliment one other freely on how great the weight loss looks!

4. Depriving yourself

Every now and then, you really need a few scoops of Ben and Jerry’s or that thin slice of New York-style cheesecake! A well-earned treat rewards all your efforts and in some cases, maintains your sanity. So long as you avoid regular cheating or indulging to the extent of being seriously counterproductive to your dieting efforts, permit yourself reasonable treats now and then.

5. Neglecting physical fitness

A woman cannot live on dieting alone; exercising should always be part of your weight loss regimen! Even in moderation, such as an evening walk or quick jog on your lunch break, exercise will keep your body metabolism up to speed and improve your overall condition. Diet and exercise combine forces to enable a woman to lose weight, gain strength and define her physique.

6. Subscribing to fad diets

Occasionally hopping on the fad diet train to drop a few quick pounds for a best friend’s wedding or class reunion may be acceptable, but in the long run the flavor-of-the-month diet does you no good at all. They are not healthy, leave you lacking energy and usually see you regaining all the weight back anyway. Consult your physician or a nutritionist to learn the smartest dieting practices that work to maintain your health, along with your weight.

7. Swearing by the scale

Too many women step on a scale far too often and are way too quick to overreact! If you are following a healthy eating regimen and sticking to a practical exercise program, shoot for long-term weight management as a result. Freaking out over a few pounds showing up on the scale isn’t going to do you any good at all. Be smart, be healthy and be reasonable.

Learning from past mistakes is very important, especially when it comes to losing weight! Achieve your weight loss goals by following the advice of this article and refusing to be overweight any longer!

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