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Teeth Whitening

Six Surprising Things That Will Whiten Teeth

Your smile can brighten a room or it can be a complete turn off. Which one it is depends on how you care for them. There are six simple steps you can take to make your teeth significantly whiter. Read the following article to familiarize yourself with them and end up with a much lighter smile.

Teeth whitening is not effective on surfaces that are artificial. Many people do not realize that false teeth cannot be whitened using any of the popular whitening methods. If you have false teeth, your best bet is to remove them before you put anything into your mouth that can stain them. This may seem overboard, but once your dentures are stained, there is nothing you can do to get them back as white as they once were.

Keep in mind that whitening results are promised for teeth that have yellow stains on them, but they cannot guarantee the whitening of teeth that are brown. If your teeth are yellow, you need to do all that you can now to whiten them. If you wait too long and they have the chance to turn brown, there will be no way to get them white again. If your teeth are already brown, whitening will make them lighter than they are now, but it will not make them white again.

While white teeth are nice to have, you do not want to use whitening products on them too much. You should limit home whitening procedures to about once a month, and once a year for procedures done at your dentist's office. It is okay to use whitening toothpastes daily because they do not have a large enough concentration of chemicals to damage the teeth.

Baking soda can be mixed with water to make a paste to whiten the teeth. This can be very useful if you want to remove stains that were caused by coffee, cola, tea and smoking. The baking soda helps break the molecules down to help you achieve whiter teeth. While this is a very simple and helpful method, doing it too much can cause damage to your tooth enamel, Once the enamel is damaged, your teeth will become stained much easier.

Be careful of what you put in your mouth after you have whitened your teeth. The fact is that teeth are more vulnerable to stains immediately after they have been whitened. After a while you can go back to eating the usual foods you eat, but for a while after the process you need to be mindful of what you eat.

Do not go to your dentist office multiple times a year to get your teeth whitened. While that may seem to be a great solution for brighter teeth, the procedures he uses may damage your teeth if they are done too often. Use home remedies and procedures throughout the year, but only get a procedure done at your dentist's office done once yearly.

Teeth whitening can be very expensive and cause some pretty extensive damage to your teeth. Research so you will know what you are doing and you can limit problems. Use the tips above to keep your teeth white, but in reasonable shape.

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