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Stop Smoking

Motivation to Quit Smoking

Its likely true that anyone who is addicted to cigarettes would like to quit. Obviously that is much harder said than done, proven by the millions who have tried and failed. However, there are many success stories out there as well, and you could be one of them. Sometimes all it takes is a mental motivator, one that "clicks" and serves as a springboard for success. Read on for some ideas on what could work for you.

One very basic thing that should motivate just about anyone is the simple fact that cigarettes stink. Every time you walk into a room, people turn away and try not to breathe in the air you carry with you. Just the thought that people are appalled and repelled by you could be a motivator if you really accept that this is true. If you are single, think about the potential mates you will never know because they are turned off by the smell of cigarettes in your clothing and breath. If you have children, they will associate you with an unpleasant and obnoxious odor, rather than a sensory experience that is cozy and nurturing. You could get passed up for a job promotion because a negative impression was left when you spoke with a boss or coworkers while reeking of stale tobacco.

You are destroying your health when you inhale smoke into your lungs. Not only will you die early, leaving your spouse and family to fend for themselves, but the years that you do live will be miserable as the years go by. You will be unable to perform well if every area of your life if you have health problems - which you very likely will. You will be unable to engage in physical activities and will spend countless hours with doctors. Admit that you are doing terminal damage to your health and that you will suffer for it. Then move forward with confidence and resolve that you will prevail and move on to a better lifestyle.

Why do you want to quit? If you are doing it for someone else, that is admirable, but it likely will not last. You must want it with all your heart and want it for yourself. That may sound harsh or selfish, but everyone around you will eventually benefit. So take a moment to resolve that you must do something for yourself and that something is to give up nicotine once and for all. Consider going for some counseling to find some potential reasons for your dependence on such a harmful substance. Ask for help with methods that are catered to your personality and that take your circumstances into account.

You are now more equipped to see things as they really are, and to be on the path to success. Use the ideas here to find out what works for you and how you can rise above the addiction that has thus far defined your life. Congratulate yourself on making the decision to quit today.

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